What do you do when your wardrobe becomes full of event T-Shirts?

Yes, you’ve just signed up for yet another popular race. Of course, you’ll get your runners bag and, of course, you’ll receive the typical sporting event T-Shirt.


The more events you sign up to the more T-Shirts and free goodies you’ll receive – this is fairly standard. One thing that isn’t accounted for though is the lost space in your wardrobe from all of the new clothing that you’ve received. Well, keep on reading and I’ll explain how you can recover the space that these T-Shirts keep on stealing from your wardrobe in the best possible way.

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Ted Baker Claims a Fashion First With Google Collaboration

Ted Baker, the British luxury fashion label, has unveiled their latest marketing campaign and it’s brilliant. Dubbed “Mission Impeccable”, the multi-channel campaign features a classy video, excellent social media marketing and a first for the fashion industry as they’ve teamed up with Google to create brilliant interactive windows at their stores.

The campaign was designed so that it’s primarily digital and it all centres around a brilliant spy theme with a three-minute movie that lists Guy Ritchie as the executive producer.

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Smart Clothes which text their owners asking to be worn?

  • A new technology could see people receiving text messages from their clothing
  • Neglected garments will tweet and text the owner ‘asking’ to be worn
  • Concept sees garments tagged using innovative contactless technology

I’m confident that I’m not the only person that has some items of clothing which I haven’t worn in forever sitting at the back of my wardrobe with no hope of being worn anytime soon. This could be anything from a T-Shirt I once liked, to an old football shirt. They’re literally just sat there, gathering dust and waiting for me to give them a new lease of life.

There is a new concept that’s currently being developed this which may put an end to clothes languishing in the darkness by giving the garments the power to give their owners a reminder that they exist and they’re still available for wearing.

Think you can just ignore the reminder? Think again! The clothing can also get in touch with a clothing charity and actually be asked to be recycled – and at this point, the charity can then send you all of the information you need about how to donate your old clothing. That’s not all either – the clothing can also be programmed to list itself on eBay!


The reason for this is because of a recent study which highlighted that as a society we own four times as many clothes as we did 20 years ago, although we only wear roughly 20% of the clothing that we own regularly. This has led to academics from Birmingham City University to begin to develop the idea of a ‘connected wardrobe’ with the hope of encouraging more ethical clothing consumption.

The idea is that our clothing will be tagged using a brand new, washable technology – also known as radio-frequency identifications.

Mark Brill, a senior lecturer at Birmingham City University, said:

“Think of the surprise when an owner suddenly receives bids for items they didn’t know were in their wardrobe.

“The connected wardrobe is a practical, engaging concept to encourage more people to think about their clothing consumption. Ultimately, I hope it will encourage more ethical fashion consumption.”

He also went on to add:

“Perhaps we can even move away from the idea of ‘ownership’ of clothing, to simpy using them as long as we need them. When we’ve worn them enough, the items will pass themselves on to their next keeper to wear.”


The idea of a ‘connected wardrobe’ gets its inspiration from the ever growing ‘Internet of Things’ – a concept whereby ordinary household objects are connected to the internet so they’re able to share information.

This can be from setting an alarm on your clock, to adjusting the temperature of your home before you arrive, to even setting your kettle to boil at the exact time that you get up in the morning – it’s obvious that the internet is continually changing the way that we live our lives.

Now, the ‘Internet of Clothes’ is designed to ensure that all neglected garments will tweet and even text their current owners (i.e you) ‘asking’ for you to wear them. This does depend on certain variables though such as the weather and the frequency of wear. Clothing will also be designed to keep track of other information such as who the previous owner was, who made the garment, and how much the worker was paid to create the garment.


It’s been reported that in Britain, shoppers buy 2.15 million tonnes of clothing (including shoes) annually, yet we have an estimated £30 billion worth of clothing that is clogging up our wardrobes.

Another reason why we waste so much clothing could be the ever changing world of fashion. This means that what we consider to be fashionable today might be out of fashion tomorrow and this can lead to a change in our tastes and clothes going out of style and losing their appeal to you.

One obvious way to prevent this is to get custom printed Tshirts from specialist printing companies who are able to create fashionable, printed clothing that you design using your own ideas and artwork. This means that the Tshirts will always be personalised to you and therefore you’re more likely to wear them more often than a Tshirt that you regularly see other people wearing.

By doing this, you’re creating your own custom fashion label and with that, you’ve got your own brilliant personalised clothing that you are more likely to wear over and over again – safe in the knowledge that it won’t be going out of fashion any time soon.

Custom Stag Party T-Shirts

A stag night, stag party or stag do – however you want to name it, it’s the infamous rite of passage that every groom must endure before taking the plunge from bachelorhood into marital life.

Often the occasion is dubbed “the last night of freedom”, a stag party is designed to be an unforgettable event which is enjoyed by a man who is about to tie the knot in the company of his best friends and comrades.


Such a magnanimous occasion takes careful consideration and, typically, several hours, days, weeks and maybe even months to plan it correctly. It also depends on the calibre of the best man and the wedding party which has been selected by the groom. Any best man or wedding party which is worth their salt will make the stag do their life’s mission to provide the groom with the best night of their life, whether he remembers it is not really their concern as he will be forced to enjoy himself.

Planning and organising a stag party takes a lot of consideration such as choosing the location (whether you stay close to home or go abroad). In today’s modern age, budget airlines such as Ryan Air make it quite affordable to plan a stag as a mini-holiday. popular destinations include Krakow, Dublin, and Riga. These destinations are then closely followed by Prague, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Budapest and Barcelona.

But as many will undoubtedly tell you – where you throw your stag is only half of the fun!

There are of course other considerations that you have to take into account which involve the events and the activities which you’ll be undertaking throughout the duration of your stag event. These will include what to do during the day and throughout the night until everyone passes out through alcohol consumption goes to sleep. Popular activities typically include the likes of knocking back copious amounts of alcohol, gambling, and strippers other forms of adult entertainment. Cough.

Furthermore, any stag party wouldn’t be complete without properly humiliating the groom. The severity of such roastings are up to the wedding party to decide, but one you realise that the sky’s the limit and creativity is the key  – you’ll soon think of the best way to do this. Besides which, how many times do you receive a free pass to embarrass your mate? Thought so.


The groom should be forced to dress in a funny costume and the stag group so all get T-Shirts of the groom in an embarrassing situation printed.

Yep, that means that the last and final ingredient for any successful stag party is printed stag T-Shirts – but I’m sure you already knew that.

The chances of memories from the event being fuzzy, are relatively high. So having T-Shirts knocked up to commemorate the party is a great idea. Call it a souvenir if you will.


Custom printed T-Shirts will give yous tag party a legitimate look and it will provide everyone who attends the event a keepsake for them to remember years to come. Another benefit of printed T-Shirts is that it gives you a warning of the carnage that may definitely will occur. It can also help eliminate any guess work from the missing person’s report…

I will soon be writing a list of my favourite stag party T-Shirts – so make sure that you stay tuned and if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below.


The 10 most expensive T-Shirts

So, you may have seen an article I wrote about the most expensive T-Shirt in the world. In this article, I spoke about a T-Shirt from Bungie game Destiny which originally appeared as though it would cost and eye-watering $777,772.77 for a T-Shirts.

As it transpired, this wasn’t the most expensive T-Shirt in the world as a massive discount was applied if you completed certain challenges within the game. But, this got me thinking about what the most expensive T-Shirt actually is. I mean, T-Shirts are cool and they can make a statement but surely, there’s a limit which people will pay for a T-Shirt right? apparently, wrong.

Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive T-Shirts that I found being sold on eBay. I should state that with these T-Shirts they are actually collectors items so it’s not just someone looking to make quick money by selling a grubby T-Shirt online.


Michael Jackson Thriller baseball shirt: $1,000

Michael Jackson – a hero to many, the Prince of pop, a tragic loss. All these things come to mind when talking about Michael Jackson (at least for his music abilities).

When it comes to memorabilia, there are many fans who would love to purchase a vintage Michael Jackson baseball shirt but the downside is that not everyone would be able to afford it – especially when the T-Shirt is priced at a whopping $1,000 (£770.24 by today’s exchange rate) on eBay.


Iron Maiden 1980 British tour shirt: $1,050

If you were an Iron Maiden fan and was a festival goer in the 80’s you may remember Iron Maiden’s British tour of 1980. Unfortunately, due to the small fact of not being born until 1985, I wasn’t able to attend.

However, if I wanted to get myself a memento from the tour I could splash our a pricey $1050 (£808.60) to remind me of what I missed out on.


David Bowie 1976 film shirt: $2,000

This year was tragic for the music industry as we’ve lost a number of legends. As a big Bowie fan, the T-Shirt above does have a certain appeal to me, although, I must admit it’s not the best Bowie T-Shirt that I’ve seen.

What’s more, I find the $2,000 (£1,540.85) a bit of a stumbling block as well – looks like I’m going to have to miss out on this particular design.


The Runaways 1977 tour shirt: $2,000

1977, the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, the Ford Fiesta went on sale in the UK and it was cool to have fluorescent kisses dotted all around your favourite ‘The Runways’ T-Shirt.

2016, the year of BREXIT, England losing to Iceland in the Euro’s and the year it’ll cost you $2,000 (£1,540.85) to buy a ‘The Runways’ T-Shirt with pink fluorescent kisses dotted all over it.


New York Dolls album shirt (1973): $2,500

This T-Shirt was originally purchased back in 1973 so it does have the vintage and retro angle on its side. However, does this mean that a price tag of $2,500 (£1926.49) is justifiable? Unlikely.

That’s the price that an eBay user was selling this class New York Dolls T-Shirt for. The unique design of a woman bending over may be more questionable today that it was back then, however, even the most hardened of Dolls fan would struggle to afford this.


Pink Floyd 1971 Relics album shirt: $3,000

What do you get if you cross a yellow T-Shirt with a rather weird design on the front? $3,000 (£2,311.70) apparently. That’s what one eBayer was charging customers who were interested in Pink Floyd’s 1971 Relics album T-Shirt.


The Who 1973 staff shirt: $6,000

In 1973, The Who played a concert in Chicago where they gave their event staff the above T-Shirts which seemed like a nice gesture at the time.

I don’t think anyone expected that these T-Shirts would eventually go on sale for $6,000 (£4,625.23)! A nice bonus for the staff there!


Woodstock 1969 festival shirt: $10,000 (on 'sale' for $7K)

This Woodstock 1969 T-Shirt represents a fantastic bargain, OK, maybe not but a $3,000 discount isn’t to be sniffed at.

The only problem is that this T-Shirt had an original asking price of $10,000! That bargain doesn’t look quite so good now does it?


Led Zeppelin 1979 Knebworth concert shirt: $10,000

For this T-Shirt I have to give a tip of the hat to by dad as he is the reason why I listened to Led Zep when I was younger so for this reason, I’m pretty sure he’d appreciate this T-Shirt which was created back in 1979 when Led Zepplin played in Knebworth.

The only problem is that I don’t have a whole lotta cash to afford the $10,000 price.


The Beatles 1966 Butcher cover t-shirt: $20,000

OK, The Beatles are quite possibly my favourite all-time band. There’s not a song that they’ve done which I don’t like, but even I’d draw the line at paying $20,000 to buy a T-Shirt.

The seller on this item claimed that she got it from someone who claims to have received it from John Lennon himself. To pay that much money for a T-Shirt I hope she got proof of this! Especially as the advertising picture show’s a dirty T-Shirt which looks as though it’s been laid on a driveway – for $20,000 you’d think it would be kept in better condition!

How to create realistic T-Shirt Mockups on Photoshop

If you’ve ever used Photoshop before, you know how much fun you can have been creative. Whether you’re Photoshopping your friends head onto an animal’s body or if you’re using Photoshop for  more professional reasons, the ability to create something that looks real is brilliant.

One of the advantages for me, as I work for a T-Shirt printing company, is the ability to create realistic T-Shirt mockups, showing how a design could look on a T-Shirt or creating my own designs. Photoshop is an incredibly useful tool for this task and I’m going to share with you how I create designs on Photoshop to look realistic.

So, in this post, I’m going to talk about how to use a Displacement Map to create the mockup. The Displacement Map is an excellent tool which maps and distort an image into another. This means that you can add your design over the top of the T-Shirt and it will blend the two together so the shadows and creases of the T-Shirt will show on the design helping to make it look more real than just overlaying two images.


If you’re going to create a T-Shirt mockup, the first thing you’ll need is a T-Shirt. There are a few different options available for doing this, you could take a picture of one of your T-Shirts or you can do a Google search to find an image.

Remember that you need to get a blank T-Shirt for this to work as it’s too much effort removing a pre-existing pattern for a T-Shirt.

Black T-Shirt

As you can see in the image above I found a great image of a grey T-Shirt which has plenty of creases and shadows on it.


Once you have the T-Shirt, open it in Photoshop and then you can start to define the Displacement Map. This is basically the image that will determine how your artwork will get distorted and blend around the creases of the T-Shirts.

To do this, click on the channels panel (on the panel to the right of the image). Once there, run through the different colour channels until you find one which brings out the shadows and the highlights best.

Selecting Channels in Photoshop

For my image, the green channel looked best, but make sure you select the channel which works best for you.

STEP 3: 

With the only the channel, you want visible, select the channel, right-click and then select ‘Duplicate Channel’. Under the ‘Destination’ heading select ‘New’ and then rename it. I prefer to call it ‘Displacement’ but you can call it whatever you like. Once renamed click ‘Save’ and then your Displacement Map will open in a completely new document.

Your Displacement Map isn’t finished yet if you used this version of the map your artwork will get distorted weirdly and you’ll also notice a subtle heather texture to your T-Shirt.


To avoid the heather texture and the incorrect distortion, firstly you want to bring out the shadows and the highlights, so on the menu click ‘Image’ – ‘Adjustments’ – ‘Brightness/Contrast’ and then move the toggles until you have an image which highlights the shadows and the highlights perfectly.

Adjusting the Brightness / Contrast in Photoshop

After you’ve done this, you then want to add a Gaussian Blur to remove the heather texture. To this, click Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and then adjust the radius to blur the image.

Applying Gaussian Blur In Photoshop

Photoshop Gaussian Blur


When you’re happy with the Displacement Map, save it and then close it and that’s it your Displacement Map is done.

Now you want to go back to your T-Shirt file and make the RGB channel visible and click back to the ‘Layers’ panel. Once done, you can then drop your artwork file onto the image.

Overlaying Artwork in Photoshop

For this example, I’ve used a Leather Face / Texas Chainsaw Massacre design that I’ve created but you can use any design with this to make it work. As you can see with the image, when you overlay the artwork, the creases and the texture of the T-Shirt aren’t visible on the artwork file.


Now, you want to blend your artwork file with the T-Shirt to make the artwork file bend around the creases which will make it look like it’s actually part of the T-Shirt. To do this, you’ll need to refer to the Displacement Map that, luckily, you’ve just created!

Applying Displacement Filter Photoshop

Click Filter>Distort>Displace and then load the Displacement Map that you’ve created. When you load it you’ll get a pop-up asking you to select the displacement level, for the majority of images, selected between 5 and 10 will be perfect, I’ve used 10 for my design.

Remember, the higher the number you select the more drastic the distortion will be so you could end up ruining your image if you go to high.


Once you’ve done this, you should notice that your artwork file is now looking more like its part of the T-Shirt. The image should bend where the T-Shirt does to make look like it’s actually printed onto the T-Shirt rather just overlayed in Photoshop.

To make it look more realistic, you now want to make the texture of the T-Shirt show through your artwork. To achieve this, double click on your artwork layer which will then bring up a ‘Layer Style’ window.

Adjusting the Layer Style Photoshop

At the bottom of this window, you’ll see a section which is called ‘Blend If’ and under this, there are two sliders. On the slider for the Underlying layer, hold down the ‘alt’ key and click on one-half of the adjustable pointer and then slowly split the slider and fine tune your design.

This process will take your artwork layer and blend it with the shadows and the highlights of the T-Shirt so you can see the texture of your T-Shirt begin to show through. If you go too far, you’ll notice that the artwork will begin to disappear, simply drag the slider back until it looks perfect.


You’re T-Shirt is now done, you should notice your artwork file bends with the creases of the T-Shirt and you should also notice that the shadows of the T-Shirt are showing through the artwork.

Photoshop T-Shirt Mockup

You can either save your customised T-Shirt now or you can go one step further to making it look awesome. This bit is easy, though.

On the right-hand panel, you’ll notice a drop-down selector which says ‘Normal’ if you click to drop down the other options you can then click on either ‘Overlay’ which will overlay your artwork further and increase the amount of texture which shows through the T-Shirt.

Using the Overlay Feature in Photoshop

The other alternative is to click on ‘Multiply’ and it’ll then almost imprint your artwork onto the T-Shirt.

Using the Multiply Feature in Photoshop

Depending on the colour of your artwork file, you may notice that your artwork changes colour, and in some cases, your artwork will turn invisible. Don’t worry this is just because the colour isn’t compatible with the selection so the steps above should be perfect.


So there you have it, you’ve now successfully created a T-Shirt mockup in Photoshop. Your design should look like it’s actually part of the T-Shirt rather than you’ve just put your artwork over the top of the image.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre T-Shirt

If you’ve found this article useful, or if you have any questions regarding how to do this, leave a comment below and I’ll help with any issues that you may have.

Business in The Spotlight – TT Store

This month our business in the Spotlight is The TT store.  We spoke to Gary Bigwood who told us about the name, brand, printing techniques and he shares his tips on starting a T-shirt Company.

  1. Please tell us a bit about your brand and company.

A passion for old cars and motorbikes was the inspiration behind The TT Store. Visits with my son to Brooklands Motor Museum in Surrey sparked the idea – however it took another 10 years before I started the business last year. A couple of years ago I’d been art directing and producing, (my day job), the first Help for Heroes catalogue and thought I need to get on with The TT Store – so the plans took almost a year to get going. I’ve been asked why The TT Store name, its an obvious reference to ‘tourist trophy’ however the influence was ‘Thomson & Taylor’ who were a motor-racing and engineering company based at Brooklands in the 1930’s. They developed and prepared many land speed record cars between the two world wars, Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Blue Bird being one. They could easily be described as the ‘McLaren’ of their day.

  1. How did you come up with the T-shirt Designs?

We’re trying to recapture the advertising style of the mid 20th century and the 1950’s in particular. It really was a golden era with illustration styles that capture all that optimism after World War 2, prior to photography taking over in the early 1960’s. In many cases our retro designs need to be multicolour printed, so consistent quick turn around coupled with quality printing is essential.

  1. Any tips for increasing brand awareness within this area of business?

Send out samples to bloggers, editors and celebrities; go to events and take a stand at shows, do Postcard drops, (local papers etc). This will enable you to assess what sells, plus you need time to look around at the opposition too – so don’t go alone. Attending shows gives you valuable feedback on your designs as well. Get some really good help on social media, put together a campaign and build that email list because happy customers will always come back and buy again – however they need prompting so a regular newsletter with new products and discount codes come in handy.

  1. What printing technique to do you recommend for T-shirts?

I wanted to go down the retro route so silk screen was best for me. Many of the shirts will have a tough life so the print must be the best, and you still can’t beat a well printed silk screen printed T-shirt, (in my opinion).

Garment Printing offer lots of other printing techniques print-on-demand, DTG which could be a great way to go. Particularly for the early days of a start-up as it’ll ensure you don’t overstock and they’ll even send out your orders.

  1. Any tips for those looking to start their own t-shirt brand?

Don’t give up your day job, it has to be a passion and you’ll need to work hard, evenings and weekends. Don’t get too many printed, start with short runs or even print on demand, margins are less but the important thing is to find out what sells. Try ebay and other sites, as a good deal of them will click through to your site and possibly leave email details. When doing your business plan put aside a decent amount for advertising and promotion and of course social media. Go to events and do your homework. Produce a business plan, and when ready book a stand at a suitable show with a limited number of designs. Look professional and have one person dedicated to discussing the product armed with an ipad for email data capture.

The TT-Store have extended some Christmas Cheer, they are offering Garment Printing clients a 15% discount on their range of classic gifts.

Visit their store http://thettstore.co.uk/, and enter the promo code GP15 at the checkout.

TTStore Discount .jpg