Could 3D printing be the future of printed clothing?

3D printing is one of the latest technological phenomenon’s that are currently causing a storm in the media. One of the reasons for this is that the fashion industry is set to start deploying it as the runway is seen as being the ideal testing ground. This alone is enough to being triggering utopian visions of seeing an outfit on TV, calibrating the settings on your home 3D printer and then hitting the ‘start’ button and printing a near-perfect replica of the garment. OK, this is possibly quite idealistic and, if we’re being honest, a fast and convenient approach that can see this kind of technology imported into everyone’s home is a long, long way off. However, what’s most exciting about this new technology is the potential to cause disruption and democratise the entire fashion industry. Start up clothing companies that produce their own lines of printed clothing could be entirely vertically integrated even if they’re currently confined to a basement – making 3D printing a revolutionary prospect.

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The most expensive T-Shirt ever?

I admit, Destiny is a pretty fun game but even I had to ask myself if the game is worth spending $777,772.77 on a T-Shirt to show my love for the game.

Yep, that’s right, $777,772.77 for a T-Shirt – surely this has to be the most expensive T-Shirt ever right? Not exactly – allow me to explain.


There is actually a way to drop the price of this T-Shirt right down to a more affordable $24.99 as the Destiny T-Shirt is designed to celebrate a Guardian’s achievement in collecting all of the Moments of Triumph in Year Two.

By completing all of the Moments of Triumph and then entering your PSN ID (Playstation ID for those uninformed) or Gamertag in the store’s checkout page. Once done you’ll be awarded the biggest discount in the world.

You’ll also get to print your username onto the shirt and then you have the ultimate tool to brag about your Destiny skills (that is, of course, if you wanted to brag about them).


“For the uninitiated, this exotic loot is priced safely out of reach. Every Guardian who completes their Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book is eligible to purchase this exclusive, customizable Moments of Triumph T-Shirt for a more realistic price.”

This is what’s printed on the Bungie web page for the T-Shirt where it also states that you can personalise the T-Shirt with your PSN ID or Gamertag for an additional $5.

There is also an added bonus ON TOP of the huge discount that you’ll get. According to the web site “As an extension of your mission to make the world safe for humanity, all profits from the sale of this shirt will go directly to the Bungie Foundation.”

The Bungie Foundation was set up to reduce stress and suffering in children through entertainment. It’s designed to provide additional support for the organisations that the company supports – such as granting more wishes for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Before you think that you can actually spend $777,772.77 on the T-Shirt without actually completing all of the Moments of Triumph, the shopping basket caps out at $5,000. This means that if you want to purchase the T-Shirt you do have to collect all of the Moments of Triumph before you are eligible to buy it.


What does this mean? well, you had better start collecting all of those Triumphs.