Personalised Gifts for Christmas

Choosing personalised gifts for Christmas is a great way to show your friends and family that you care. It’s not always easy choosing gifts for loved ones, especially if you have quite a few people to buy for and finding something unique for everyone can be a pain. If you want to make Christmas easier and more personal this year, then why not choose a custom made gift for the ones you care about?

Here are three great reasons to buy personalised Christmas gifts for all your loved ones.

They’re unique

It’s not always easy to make a present unique, even when there’s so much to choose from. The chances are you’re probably going to get them something they have seen a thousand times before or perhaps even make the mistake of getting them something they already have.

If you’re looking for some inexpensive gifts that you know they can’t get anywhere else, why not consider something fun like a personalised tote bag?

Personalised bags can be printed and embroidered onto to create a unique accessory for a number of friends and family members. You can do anything from printing a funny picture of the family pet, to embroidering a favourite quote or the household name onto the front.

They make people smile.

They make people smile

Personalised gifts for Christmas are not only unique but they can be incredibly funny too. Everyone loves the classic singing tie but why not transform it from something generic into something amazing with customisation? There’s always that one family member who just loves to have a bit of fun and what present could be more perfect for them than a silly singing tie?

Nothing says ‘I’m thinking of you’ quite like personalised embroidery and when teamed with a festive accessory, you can be sure to have your grandpa or uncle laughing all day.

They can be fun and practical

They can be fun and practical

Looking for practical personalised gifts for Christmas? Our love of smartphones, laptops and tablets has opened up a whole new area when it comes to gift giving. Unfortunately, laptop and tablet holders can be painfully boring and generic, so personalisation is fun way to brighten them up for that special someone.

For a lot of people, their tablet is the whole life. They’ll take it anywhere and everywhere and will use for everything from scheduling their work meeting, to playing games at the weekends. It’s easy to personalise a tablet case and it makes the perfect Christmas gift at any age.

Whatever you choose to buy your loved ones this Christmas, a touch of customisation makes everything just that little bit more special. So before you reach for that generic old present, consider getting personalised gifts for Christmas this year.

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Why a Fitness Company should invest in custom clothing this summer?

Summer is the time when many of us look to purchase fitness industry printed clothing and sportswear to help us get into shape and feel good when wearing shorts and bikini’s.

Gone are the days when fitness clubs and gyms were known as grotty looking places at the end of town. They are now seen as exclusive as most leisure centres, Health and Fitness Clubs and have all the latest equipment which is extremely popular with many people taking up monthly memberships.

If you are a gym or health club here are some reasons why you should invest in fitness industry printed clothing for your members:

There are a variety of fitness industry printed clothing to choose from

When it comes to clothing for your clients, Garment Printing stocks the highest quality of products and prints and can provide health clubs, gyms and fitness clubs with bespoke t-shirts, hoodies and sportswear with the club or gym name printed onto the garment.

Fitness industry printed clothing is a great advertising board for your establishment

There is a lot of competition between all fitness clubs and if you can convince your members to  wear fitness industry printed clothing featuring the name of your health and fitness club this provides great advertising for your establishment  and you are more likely to get even more members signing up to join.

You can choose from a range of printing techniques

Garment printer’s offers a variety of printing techniques using state-of-the-art Direct-to-Garment printers specialised in T-Shirt printing for the UK. They offer amazing clothing printing offers using the top printing technologies in the market.

If you need any help of advice on options available just ask the team about the best printing method to suit your needs including DTG Digital Printing for full colour photos and designs on dark or light clothes, Transfer Printing for small quantities, Vinyl Printing for vibrant numbers and colours, Screen Printing for larger quantities at the best price, Embroidery for polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, caps and lots more.

If you are an owner or manager of a leisure centre, fitness or health club why not show off your new company name by investing in some fitness industry printed clothing for your members. Whether it’s for Fitness Industry printed clothing Promotional Clothing, Printed Work wear, Customised Corporate Clothing, Personalised Sportswear, polo shirt embroidery or clothing for an event such as  Stag do t-shirts and clothing for a Hen Night, or any other purpose call Garment Printing on 0844 588 980.

Get Your Business Noticed with Promotional Products

So you’ve marketed your products and services via the local news outlets and social media, now you need to keep people interested and build a brand the public can admire and trust. Building a brand that can continue to work to the advantage of your business all year round is a difficult task. Much of the hard work is up to you but there are things that you can do to help your business along the way. One way to ensure that the public or other clients return to use your services time and time again is through the use of promotional products.

Promotional products can help to get your business noticed in the local community and even further afield through generous donations or prize draws. Products such as tote bags and t-shirts are a fantastic resource for good will gifting and can combine company generosity with bundles of additional marketing opportunities. Using promotional products alongside your regular forms of marketing and advertising allows you to create the perfect two-way appreciation system that can continue to work for you all year round. Whether you are giving promotional products away at events or simply sending them as a thank you to customers, they are a great way to attract new customers and keep existing clients interested in what you do.

Get your business noticed with promotional products

Towels, bags and shirts are just some of the products that you can print and embroider on to, however there are so many different types of apparel and accessories that can be customised to suit your needs.

Professional printing services offer businesses a really valuable marketing resource with incredibly cost effective prices for large quantities of promotional products. This pricing system is perfect for small, medium and larger companies and ensures that you’re always getting the best price for your products.

Different printing techniques are available for different budgets and some techniques even are even able to match pantone colours, so that your logo or branding is exactly how it should be. If you’re unsure of what printing or embroidery technique is best for your company, you can always ask for help from the professionals. Professional printers can talk you through the benefits and disadvantages of each method, allowing you to find exactly what you need at the right price.

From banks to high street retailers, any business can benefit from promotional products, so it’s as simple as picking the right merchandise for your company.

Why Give Away Promotional Totes?

It’s common knowledge that promotional material is an important aspect of your businesses marketing. Whether you are a multinational business or a small start-up company, it pays to keep a good stock of promotional items for different events. Promotional materials can be given to both employees of your company and the public for maximum coverage and can be anything from a pen to a promotional tote.

The importance of promotional totes is often underrated in many businesses, with some believing merchandise to be a waste of money. However, this is simply not the case as the great marketing benefits far outweigh the small cost of promotional materials such as totes. Unless your company is looking to change its logo or branding in the near future, materials such as this can be bought as a long term investment to be taken everywhere and anywhere.

What else can be said about the importance of promotional totes? Well, promotional materials really can be used just about anywhere and are particularly good for prize giveaways and recruitment fairs. No matter where you are, most people love a freebie and a promotional tote bag is the perfect free gift that not only leaves members of the public feeling great but gives you some great exposure too.  The supermarket, the beach, the gym – people take their tote bags to all kinds of places, so you never know where someone might discover your business next.

Totes are also a great way to say thank you to the public or even to give out as gifts to special members of your company or business. Just the same as a freebie at a recruitment fair, a thank you tote gives as much as it receives. Clients, customers and team members will appreciate your giving nature and will not only give your business coverage through the use of the tote, but could even promote your business even further out of gratitude for your kind gesture.

The importance of promotional totes really cannot and should not be understated. They are completely customisable and any colour, design or style can be picked out to ensure your promotional material is as personal as possible. Whether you simply need a small run of promotional bags or something on a much larger scale, professional printing can offer you the top quality you want and need. With so many different ways to show of your business and your brand it makes sense to invest in some high-quality promotional material today.

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