Could 3D printing be the future of printed clothing?

3D printing is one of the latest technological phenomenon’s that are currently causing a storm in the media. One of the reasons for this is that the fashion industry is set to start deploying it as the runway is seen as being the ideal testing ground. This alone is enough to being triggering utopian visions of seeing an outfit on TV, calibrating the settings on your home 3D printer and then hitting the ‘start’ button and printing a near-perfect replica of the garment. OK, this is possibly quite idealistic and, if we’re being honest, a fast and convenient approach that can see this kind of technology imported into everyone’s home is a long, long way off. However, what’s most exciting about this new technology is the potential to cause disruption and democratise the entire fashion industry. Start up clothing companies that produce their own lines of printed clothing could be entirely vertically integrated even if they’re currently confined to a basement – making 3D printing a revolutionary prospect.

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Adobe Celebrates the world’s cheesiest stock photos by sticking them on T-Shirts

We’ve all seen something that’s so bad it’s brilliant. For example, stock photos. You know the ones I’m talking about – the kind that features carefully set-up situations showing things like “smiling woman using computer in office,” or “well-dressed man smiles at phone,” or, maybe “man smiles for no reason eating an apple.”

It’s fair to say that these photos are so corny that they make some of your dad’s jokes look like they were carefully curated by comedy geniuses, especially as some of the images have the ability to provoke grimaces of discomfort among creative people who are looking to use specific photos in their latest projects.

To celebrate the existence of these infamous snaps, and to promote their own brand spanking new stock service, Adobe has recently selected a few of its favourites and decided to print them on clothing and other apparel!

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La sublimación, amiga del medio ambiente

En este artículo vamos a echar un vistazo al proceso de impresión en la técnica de Sublimación y os contaremos por qué es una brillante técnica de impresión, amigable con el ambiente. Iniciaremos explicando exactamente qué es la sublimación.

La sublimación es una técnica de impresión por calor, simple de ejecutar, que imprime sobre toda la tela diseños claros y con vívidos colores. Esto ofrece una gran libertad a la hora de diseñar y es por esto que es una de las técnicas más populares y favoritas en las industrias de la moda y el arte.

Esta técnica de impresión utiliza tintes que se activan con el calor y pasan de un estado sólido a un estado gaseoso directamente, sin tener que pasar por el estado líquido, y así se adhieren a la tela transfiriendo todo el color. Cuando los tintes están en estado gaseoso y hacen contacto con un material sintético como el poliéster, se abren las fibras de la tela y permiten que los tintes penetren y se adhiera el color de manera permanente.

De esta manera se transfieren las impresiones de la fuente a la tela.


¿Qué tipo de telas se pueden utilizar?

La sublimación consigue los mejores resultados cuando se efectúa sobre materiales sintéticos como el poliéster. Esto se debe a diferentes factores. La razón principal es que es la única tela que soporta las altas temperaturas a las que se somete la tinta para que cambie de estado y se asiente en la tela.  Otras telas como el nylon no soportarían el calor y terminarían derritiéndose a medio proceso.


Existen otros materiales que también toleran altas temperaturas, como el algodón y otras fibras naturales. Sin embargo, el resultado final jamás será tan vistoso y claro, y eventualmente irá desapareciendo y se verá deteriorado en poco tiempo.

El proceso de impresión será aún mejor si se utiliza una prensa industrial, ya que provee un calor consistente a la tela y los tintes, y la presión necesaria que asegura que la impresión quedará bien hecha.  

Entonces, ¿qué hace que la sublimación sea tan eco-friendly?

Hasta el momento, la sublimación parece ser la mejor técnica de impresión existente. Podéis imprimir sobre toda la prenda y los colores permanecen y se ven vivos, aún un tiempo después. Esto mejora aún más cuando os enteráis que el proceso también es benévolo con el ambiente.

Primero, los resultados finales permiten que no haya un exceso de tinta. Por ende, no hay forma de que se transfiera al sistema de agua, algo que sucede frecuentemente en otras técnicas de impresión. La contaminación es casi nula.  

Además, la misma impresión de sublimación puede ser utilizada varias veces para imprimir en más de una sola prenda de ropa. Este es un proceso llamado “impresión exhaustiva”. Aunque en las siguientes impresiones el color se pueda reducir un poco, sigue siendo posible imprimir más de una vez y conservar el efecto del buen acabado.


Claro está, que hay algunos contras en esta técnica de impresión, como en todas las técnicas. La desventaja más grande es que hay pocos tipos de materiales sobre los cuales funciona la técnica de impresión. También, el poliéster no es la tela más ecológica que existe. Sin embargo, es posible utilizar poliéster reciclado para hacer el proceso un poco más amigable con el ambiente.

En conclusión:

La sublimación es una técnica de impresión brillante que ofrece acabados coloridos, y vivos en diseños que pueden ser impresos sobre toda la prenda. Al elegir la sublimación, también podéis crear diseños increíbles utilizando una sola tinta.  

La técnica de impresión es amigable con el medio ambiente, aunque no todas las prendas de ropa que soportan el proceso lo sean. Sin embargo, es posible darle la vuelta a la situación utilizando materiales reciclados.

Si buscáis producir camisetas de moda, o buscáis imprimir prendas de ropa con un diseño colorido, recomendamos que elijáis la sublimación por todas las razones expuestas anteriormente. Y si pensáis en crear vuestra propia marca de ropa y necesitáis más consejos sobre cómo iniciarla, contáctanos. 

Ted Baker Claims a Fashion First With Google Collaboration

Ted Baker, the British luxury fashion label, has unveiled their latest marketing campaign and it’s brilliant. Dubbed “Mission Impeccable”, the multi-channel campaign features a classy video, excellent social media marketing and a first for the fashion industry as they’ve teamed up with Google to create brilliant interactive windows at their stores.

The campaign was designed so that it’s primarily digital and it all centres around a brilliant spy theme with a three-minute movie that lists Guy Ritchie as the executive producer.

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Matt’s Mammoth Mountain Challenge

Matthew Riley was an incredibly popular and talented student who had a very bright future ahead of him. Tragically, Matthew was killed in a motorcycle crash while he was backpacking around Cambodia – a lifelong dream that he had.

Matthew, who was from Ketton, in Rutland, was only 23 years old and he had decided to spend four weeks of his summer break from Lincoln University, where he was studying psychology and Marketing, in Cambodia. Tragically, a few days before Matthew was due to fly home he was killed in a crash that happened in the early hours of September 13, 2015.

When describing her son and the accident, Mrs. Riley said:

“He has always been gifted and took French exams when he was 13. He did really well.

“The details of the accident are very sketchy. We will know what happened. We keep hearing things but we don’t know.

“He was very careful and wore a full-faced helmet. Matthew was staying at a nearby hostel where the crash happened. We spoke every day. He was due to do his last year at university and the university has been very good. They have invited us to his graduation in September so he will still graduate.”

As well as graduating this year, Matthew had also planned to take part in the Three Peaks Challenge which is a challenge where participants climb to the top of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowden – the three highest peaks in Scotland, England, and Wales.

The intention behind taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge was to raise money to donate to Diabetes UK and Mind in the memory of his granddad Kevin Dowling, who had died eight years earlier, and his aunt Anne-Marie Dowling, who sadly passed away three years ago.

Tragically Matthew won’t get the chance to see all of his plans through but his family and friends have stepped up and decided to tackle the Three Peaks Challenge in Matthew’s honour – while also using the challenge to raise additional funds to donate to a Cambodian children’s charity called CamKids.

“Matthew had spent some of time in Cambodia helping to teach children to swim. That was very typical of him. He was a very sociable person and keen to help out where he could.

“The inequality in Cambodia is huge. There’s some very wealthy people driving around in nice cars and some extremely poor people, especially children living on the streets.”

In preparation for the event, Garment Printing were incredibly humbled to be asked to create the printed T-Shirts which will be worn by everyone who is taking part in the challenge. We’d also like to help them to raise the money that they need to support these 3 incredibly worthwhile causes.

If you’d like to find out more about Matthew, Matt’s Mammoth Mountain Challenge or if you’d like to donate money to help these incredibly worthwhile causes – you can visit the Matt’s Mammoth Mountain challenge GoFundMe page.

And please, help spread the word because together we can change lives for the better.mattsmammothmountainchallenge

The top 5 customisation ideas for Freshers Week!

Freshers Week is creeping up on us once again and students from all corners of the UK are preparing themselves to leave their parents, cooked dinners and having their clothes washed for them and be thrust into the big, bad world of responsibility. This time of year presents various different opportunities to get custom printed clothing and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for printed Freshers T-Shirts, pens, or even condom foils (seriously), if you want to be the fashion guru on campus or if you’re looking to be immortalised in stories which are passed around campus many years after your graduation – take some advice from me and read below my top 5 customisation ideas for this years Freshers Week.



Year after year, there’s an increase in printed T-Shirts that stems from groups of students who want their gang to go out on a night wearing their group’s colours. These groups vary between lads and ladies who are looking to spend their weekly food budget on having the best night(s) of the year – also known as the Legendary Freshers Pub Crawl.

The designs range from the simple to the artistic, with many people opted for names and numbers in football style letting on the back combined with humorous quotes on the front. Don’t worry about using rude phrases or naughty pictures – I’m sure that they’ve all been used before.



If you have a dream of being known as the campus’s Stifmeister then there’s no better way than spending your opening week walking around halls with a pocket stuffed full of custom printed condoms!

OK, so this might not be your ‘thing’, but getting other personalised accessories may just be right up your street.

Personalised accessories such as key chains, lanyards, tote bags, pens, rucksacks or even condom foils are actually not as uncommon as many people think. You might also feel like having your gear personalised might protect your belongings from the campus klepto, or you might think that it’ll help you achieve that legendary status that you’ve always dreamed of.



For many, showing off is a pastime. This is also the case for the arty types who love nothing more than donning their colourful scarf and sipping their cappuccino lovingly in the hope that they’ll be admired by many for their deep-thinking and their unique fashion sense.

Designers, artists and even psychology students from all around the UK will get Freshers T-Shirts printed in the hope that their designs make them the talk of the campus.

Joking aside, over the years, I’ve seen many-a-well-designed T-Shirt. Whether it’s a fairly simple design for yourself, or if you’re looking to earn some extra ££ by created a batch of mixed sizes and selling them during Freshers Week – just image all of that extra money for beer….err, I mean textbooks…..No, I actually did mean beer.



The first few weeks are the best time to join one of the many sports teams or other clubs that are available. If you’re not the sporty type then there’s always the chess club?

Either way, each year printed sports kits are more and more popular showing off the team’s new badge. With recent cutbacks this has become more difficult though as theirs a large possibility that your university can’t afford to provide all of the kits for free (that’s if they can even supply them at all). Fear not my dear students! You can get excellent printed sports kits for a great price with no minimum order quantity as well.



Students forming their own bands is incredibly common. Whether you’re starting out for fun, or if you’re a serious musician with dreams of hitting the big time – there has been many university formed bands who go on to make successful careers within the music industry.

As a student band, it’s not easy to gain and grow a following but one of the best and quickest ways to develop some loyal fans and advertising is to get some printed band merchandise created.

Whether you’re a folk band, heavy metal band, or if you believe that you can be the next Spice Girls – printed T-Shirts are actually one of the best ways to reach a wider audience as the wear of the T-Shirts is actually promoting your band for you.

These are my top 5 ideas for getting custom gear made for Freshers Week if you have any other ideas, let me know in the comments below!

The most expensive T-Shirt ever?

I admit, Destiny is a pretty fun game but even I had to ask myself if the game is worth spending $777,772.77 on a T-Shirt to show my love for the game.

Yep, that’s right, $777,772.77 for a T-Shirt – surely this has to be the most expensive T-Shirt ever right? Not exactly – allow me to explain.


There is actually a way to drop the price of this T-Shirt right down to a more affordable $24.99 as the Destiny T-Shirt is designed to celebrate a Guardian’s achievement in collecting all of the Moments of Triumph in Year Two.

By completing all of the Moments of Triumph and then entering your PSN ID (Playstation ID for those uninformed) or Gamertag in the store’s checkout page. Once done you’ll be awarded the biggest discount in the world.

You’ll also get to print your username onto the shirt and then you have the ultimate tool to brag about your Destiny skills (that is, of course, if you wanted to brag about them).


“For the uninitiated, this exotic loot is priced safely out of reach. Every Guardian who completes their Year Two Moments of Triumph Record Book is eligible to purchase this exclusive, customizable Moments of Triumph T-Shirt for a more realistic price.”

This is what’s printed on the Bungie web page for the T-Shirt where it also states that you can personalise the T-Shirt with your PSN ID or Gamertag for an additional $5.

There is also an added bonus ON TOP of the huge discount that you’ll get. According to the web site “As an extension of your mission to make the world safe for humanity, all profits from the sale of this shirt will go directly to the Bungie Foundation.”

The Bungie Foundation was set up to reduce stress and suffering in children through entertainment. It’s designed to provide additional support for the organisations that the company supports – such as granting more wishes for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Before you think that you can actually spend $777,772.77 on the T-Shirt without actually completing all of the Moments of Triumph, the shopping basket caps out at $5,000. This means that if you want to purchase the T-Shirt you do have to collect all of the Moments of Triumph before you are eligible to buy it.


What does this mean? well, you had better start collecting all of those Triumphs.