Adobe Celebrates the world’s cheesiest stock photos by sticking them on T-Shirts

We’ve all seen something that’s so bad it’s brilliant. For example, stock photos. You know the ones I’m talking about – the kind that features carefully set-up situations showing things like “smiling woman using computer in office,” or “well-dressed man smiles at phone,” or, maybe “man smiles for no reason eating an apple.”

It’s fair to say that these photos are so corny that they make some of your dad’s jokes look like they were carefully curated by comedy geniuses, especially as some of the images have the ability to provoke grimaces of discomfort among creative people who are looking to use specific photos in their latest projects.

To celebrate the existence of these infamous snaps, and to promote their own brand spanking new stock service, Adobe has recently selected a few of its favourites and decided to print them on clothing and other apparel!

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Justin Bieber sells old Marilyn Manson merch as his own for a cool profit.

Merchandise is one of the biggest revenue streams for any music artist. Whether you’re a band that’s starting out, or if you’re an established artist, creating merch to sell to your adoring fans can generate the funds that you need to keep doing what you love to do.

Creating your own designs is where it gets difficult, having to sit there and come up with different designs which you think that your fans will love can be daunting, difficult and frustrated.

How can you overcome this? Rob someone else’s and sell it as your own of course!

It seems that Justin Bieber has decided to do this by selling an old Marilyn Manson T-shirt as his own merchandise at the high-end department store, Barney’s, in New York.

The T-shirt features Manson’s face printed on to the front with the name altered to spell “Mar1lyn Man50n”. The biggest difference comes when you flip the T-shirt round as on the back it features the world “BIGGER THAN SATAN – BIEBER” with the Bieber part being written in a Goth Metal font.


On a recent Instagram post, Jerry Lorenzo (Bieber’s merchandise designer) explained how Manson had given him permission to ‘reinterpret’ his old T-shirts:

“Thank you Marilyn Manson for signing off on the ‘Bigger Than Satan’ JB T-shirt. Thanks for understanding our approach and reinterpreting your vision. I never would of thought that printing on my vintage T-shirt collection would take me this far.”


While Bieber is selling his own Manson merch, it appears that Manson is showing his love for Bieber as well after being spotted wearing a Justin Bieber tee while he was on tour back in February. Bieber also posted a selfie of him and Manson on his Instagram page during a night out in Los Angeles back in March.

If you’re thinking of getting your own JB/Manson merch, you can get the redesigned tee for a mere £148 (that’s only £130 more than the original Manson T-Shirt would have cost you!).

Manson has also recently announced that his new album ‘Say10’ will be released on Valentine’s Day in 2017.

Top 50 T-Shirts of all time: 30-21

In this post, I’m going to get my top T-Shirts of all time down to the final 20. In the last post, we saw some great entries which could have easily got into the top 20 but I think that the T-Shirts below all have something else which helped to set them apart.

Read on below to see the list from 30-21 and, as always, let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

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