How to Organize an Event For Your Business?

Business events are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your products, gain new clients and generally help to create a positive image and buzz for your brand. No matter what the size of your business, events are a great tool if they are used properly. So, how can you ensure that you have properly prepared for your event?

Audiences & end goals

Before all else, you will need to consider your target market and the end goal that you want to achieve from the event. It’s important not to get too caught up over the silly added extras that you think might look good. Finishing touches are nice and will add personalisation to an event but if it’s all frills and not much else, you might end up losing money, rather than gaining clients and expanding your customer base.

When considering your target audience, you want to keep in mind that the event needs to be mutually beneficial. Ask yourself: What are my guests expecting to gain from this event? What kind of audience will help me to expand my business? How can I turn skeptical guests into new clients?

From the speeches you make to the way you layout the tables, everything you do should be tailored to ensure your visitors have a memorable experience. Careful consideration of your target audience will ensure that you not only enhance the number of potential follow ups, but that your actions make a lasting impact on your clients as well.

Money, money, money

Another important thing to consider when planning an event is a strong, solid budget. Most people will pull together some kind of budget for their event, but it needs to be precise and carefully thought out to minimize the risk of overspending.

Try not to just randomly pick an overall figure for the event. If you consider each element, such as lighting, refreshments and finishing touches separately, you’re much less likely to throw money away on unnecessary things. It’s also advisable to factor a small amount of ‘spare’ money into your budget, just in case there are any unexpected costs that you may not have considered. That way, if a problem arises you can easily cover it with no stress. Alternatively, if nothing goes wrong you’ll have saved yourself some money.

…and relax?

Once your event is over, you can breathe a little sigh of relief – but don’t get too comfortable too soon. The absolute best thing you can do after an event has taken place is assess how it went. Whether this is directly after, or a few months down the line when attendees have made a decision on your products, assessing the outcome is crucial.

Look at what went right, what went wrong and discuss ways that you and your colleagues might be able to adapt and evolve the event next time round. Finally, tie up all those loose ends. Chase up any potential leads and be sure to say thank you to everyone who attended, a friendly business is a memorable one.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

When employees are loyal and engaged in the company, profits are higher making people feel more valued and motivated.

Research also reveals staff will miss less work leading to improved productivity. They will also perform better, and are more supportive of and positive about company targets.

Here are 5 ways to keep your employees happy in the workplace:

Allow them to personalise their workspace

You don’t have to spend lots of money on revamping the office you can keep you employees happy and content by  encouraging them to bring in pot plants, photos of their families and friends or other personal items for example stress squeezers to decorate and personalise their desks.  Giving employees the freedom to change their workspace has been shown to help create a more attractive and stress-reducing environment.  Opening  blinds or curtains can also help your employees because they will bring in more daylight and can positively affect staff productivity.

Flexi hours

Recently flexible working opportunities have become a popular option for many companies as everyone can benefit including employers, employees and their families. Most employers now recognise that it makes good business sense to provide flexible working opportunities for their staff. This decision is popular with many parents with younger children and older adults who have other commitments and have health issues limiting them to the number of hours they can work.

Common types of flexible working include:

  • Part-time: working less than 40 hours per week
  • Flexi-time: choosing when to work
  • Compressed hours: working your agreed hours over fewer days
  • Staggered hours: different starting, break and finishing times for employees in the same workplace
  • Job sharing: Designed for one person alongside someone else for when you aren’t working
  • Working from home

Team lunches or outings

Many companies are treating their employees to lunches once a month or work outings or parties. Complimentary lunches can help increase staff moral and staff are at their most productive when they are happy.

Businesses can also benefit by encouraging staff to interact with each other as providing lunch on a Friday afternoon or once a month can encourage employees from different departments to sit down in together forming  stronger, more positive connections with each other. Mealtime conversations can often lead to connections between colleagues who otherwise wouldn’t interact.

Training and development

Offering training and learning development opportunities can help keep employees and keep them feeling motivated.These do not have to be expensive events as you can using  existing staff to help train staff in other areas or you can send them on local events as many are free or inexpensive. Make effective use of your internal resources encouraging your best staff to coach or mentor others is motivating for both parties.

Identify key skills required for each career path, and create a personal development plan for each employee to map out their route along this path.

Provide company uniforms

Many employees feel much happier when they are provided with company t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces or polo shirts featuring the company logo.

If you want to know how to keep your employees happy why not consider some of the above tips into your business plan if you aren’t already doing this. Garment Printing can help you choose promotional wear for your company call 0844 588 9808 to speak to a member of the team or to order today.


We love helping you create weird, wonderful and unique designs for your businesses and events. Whether you’re a fashion brand, restaurant or charity, bringing your imaginative and innovative designs alive is what it is all about.

#TshirtTuesday celebrates the past designs that have inspired us and made us smile, but these are only a small selection of the imaginative designs we get to produce every day.

Looking for some top-notch inspiration? Perhaps you’re just interested to see what we think makes a great t-shirt. No matter what your interests are, check out these five original designs created by businesses and produced by Garment Printing.

Fashion Fitness Specialists

At Garment printing, we don’t just print fantastic designs onto cotton clothing. That’s why we’re featuring Fashion Fitness Specialists as part of #tshirttuesday. Using professional sportswear and vinyl print, we were able to transform this sleek and simple design into a quality piece of sportswear for a fashionably fit photo shoot.  Who knew simplicity worked so well?

tshirt tuesday

Band To The Bone

Another one of our favourites is apparel company Band To The Bone. Specialising in rock tees, Garment Printing Espana has helped to produce and create edgy shirts using discharge printing. We love the dark and mysterious designs and think the rock music theme running through this tee and throughout the brand, in general, is spot on.

Specialising in rock tees

There are so many creative individuals and businesses out there, all with fantastic ideas for printed apparel. You too could use t-shirt printing to make your dream a reality and get everyone talking about your unique designs. Did any of our #tshirttuesday businesses get your creative juices flowing?

Magma Books

Kitsch, quirky and different – that’s what Magma Books are all about. When Magma needed direct to garment printing (DTG), as well as screen printing on a range of other products, we were happy to oblige. Whether it is bright, stand out designs like this quirky cat and mouse or simple logos on white and black tees, Garment Printing have got it covered.

As well as printing onto t-shirts, we offer to print on an exciting variety of accessories and home products that you can use to expand and diversify your business, just like Magma.

Direct to Garments

Why a Fitness Company should invest in custom clothing this summer?

Summer is the time when many of us look to purchase fitness industry printed clothing and sportswear to help us get into shape and feel good when wearing shorts and bikini’s.

Gone are the days when fitness clubs and gyms were known as grotty looking places at the end of town. They are now seen as exclusive as most leisure centres, Health and Fitness Clubs and have all the latest equipment which is extremely popular with many people taking up monthly memberships.

If you are a gym or health club here are some reasons why you should invest in fitness industry printed clothing for your members:

There are a variety of fitness industry printed clothing to choose from

When it comes to clothing for your clients, Garment Printing stocks the highest quality of products and prints and can provide health clubs, gyms and fitness clubs with bespoke t-shirts, hoodies and sportswear with the club or gym name printed onto the garment.

Fitness industry printed clothing is a great advertising board for your establishment

There is a lot of competition between all fitness clubs and if you can convince your members to  wear fitness industry printed clothing featuring the name of your health and fitness club this provides great advertising for your establishment  and you are more likely to get even more members signing up to join.

You can choose from a range of printing techniques

Garment printer’s offers a variety of printing techniques using state-of-the-art Direct-to-Garment printers specialised in T-Shirt printing for the UK. They offer amazing clothing printing offers using the top printing technologies in the market.

If you need any help of advice on options available just ask the team about the best printing method to suit your needs including DTG Digital Printing for full colour photos and designs on dark or light clothes, Transfer Printing for small quantities, Vinyl Printing for vibrant numbers and colours, Screen Printing for larger quantities at the best price, Embroidery for polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, caps and lots more.

If you are an owner or manager of a leisure centre, fitness or health club why not show off your new company name by investing in some fitness industry printed clothing for your members. Whether it’s for Fitness Industry printed clothing Promotional Clothing, Printed Work wear, Customised Corporate Clothing, Personalised Sportswear, polo shirt embroidery or clothing for an event such as  Stag do t-shirts and clothing for a Hen Night, or any other purpose call Garment Printing on 0844 588 980.

Why You Should Invest in Uniforms and Branding as a StartUp?

If you have recently started a new business or about to start one why not invest in startup uniforms and branding for your staff this summer?

Startup uniform provides your staff with the perfect opportunity to gain exposure whilst interacting with your customers and the general public. It’s like having your own advertising billboard.

Here are some of the benefits you can achieve with using branding colours in your staff work-wear as an effective way to further market your brand:

Why Colour Branded Startup Uniforms and Branding is a Good Idea?

Colour branded uniforms have a positive effect for both staff and customers in very different ways which include an increased sense of pride, they also share equality company benefits through increased brand recognition and a professional smart looking team which customers benefit by easily identifying staff .

If you have loyal staff you are more likely to see increased productivity which also increases business revenue so it’s a win win situation for business owners, the staff and its customers.

Even if you are a one-man band operating as a sole person or you only have a few members of staff its still a good idea to purchase a uniform even if its just a polo shirt or a t-shirt these make it easier for customers to recognise you on the work premises and in the street.

Startup Branding

Why Wear Uniforms?

There are some businesses that we expect to see in uniform such as the police, fire service, armed forces and hospitals so we can easily recognise and identify them. Many of us look for the colour of the uniform because it’s the first thing we see. Colour is registered by the brain before either images or typography.

We know for example doctors in the UK are usually known for wearing long white coats. This is known as brand colour recognition and we are brains are taught to look out for these particular colours.

Different colours can also be used to show different ranks, different roles within the same organisation. For example when you visit a hospital, the nurse wears a different colour uniform to an, to a surgeon.

If you are a small business owner and you have a stand at a trade event, or a major corporation with hundreds of customers in your store, you will want your staff to look professional.

branding in startups

You could benefit from startup uniforms and branding for your staff this summer call Garment Printing today on 0844 588 980.