Top 50 T-Shirts of all time: 30-21

In this post, I’m going to get my top T-Shirts of all time down to the final 20. In the last post, we saw some great entries which could have easily got into the top 20 but I think that the T-Shirts below all have something else which helped to set them apart.

Read on below to see the list from 30-21 and, as always, let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

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Top 5 Personalised Valentine’s Day Surprises

Looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift is just one of those things so many of us struggle with every year. Trying to find the perfect present that says ‘I love you’ is tricky, especially if you don’t want to go down the traditional route of chocolates and flowers. Whilst flowers are a lovely gift to receive any time of the year, they aren’t particularly personal and they certainly don’t stand the test of time.

Valentine’s Day Surprises

So if you’re looking for more inspiring gifts this Valentine’s, check out these top 5 personalised gifts below for the best Valentine’s Day yet.

1. Teddy T-shirt

Add a personal element to a traditional gift with a customised t-shirt or hoodie for their favourite teddy bear. Have a name, date or even personal quote embroidered onto a tiny garment to show your partner just how much you care. You can also customise t-shirts for a range of other cute and cuddly animals, so that your loved one can have their favourite.

2. Cook’s apron

Does your other half love spending time cooking up a storm in the kitchen? If so, you can make their Valentine’s with a customised cooking apron that’s personal and unique to them.  Choose to embroider or print something meaningful to them, so they can think of you every time they whip up something special.

3. Underwear

There’s nothing more personal that a pair of undies and that’s why these are such a great gift to give this Valentine’s. Choose from a range of colours and styles to find a pair that’s perfect for the one you love. Whether your partner is a fan of full coverage briefs, or prefers a more traditional pair, there’s plenty of space to make it personal.

4. Wrist water bottles

If your other half is a keen fitness freak, then a personalised wrist water bottle is an unusual but highly functional gift to give this year. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all champagne and sparkles, so if you’d prefer to buy your partner a practical gift that keeps on giving, this is definitely a personalised present to consider.

5. Gadget holder

For the gadget lover in your life, a set of personalised holders or cases is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Customise them any way you like to make them extra special for the one you love. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, you’re certain to find a set that compliments your partner’s personality.

At Garment Printing, we can help you to create the perfect gift for that special someone. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can make your Valentine’s Day extra personal this year.

Valentine’s Day Surprises

Business in The Spotlight – TT Store

This month our business in the Spotlight is The TT store.  We spoke to Gary Bigwood who told us about the name, brand, printing techniques and he shares his tips on starting a T-shirt Company.

  1. Please tell us a bit about your brand and company.

A passion for old cars and motorbikes was the inspiration behind The TT Store. Visits with my son to Brooklands Motor Museum in Surrey sparked the idea – however it took another 10 years before I started the business last year. A couple of years ago I’d been art directing and producing, (my day job), the first Help for Heroes catalogue and thought I need to get on with The TT Store – so the plans took almost a year to get going. I’ve been asked why The TT Store name, its an obvious reference to ‘tourist trophy’ however the influence was ‘Thomson & Taylor’ who were a motor-racing and engineering company based at Brooklands in the 1930’s. They developed and prepared many land speed record cars between the two world wars, Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Blue Bird being one. They could easily be described as the ‘McLaren’ of their day.

  1. How did you come up with the T-shirt Designs?

We’re trying to recapture the advertising style of the mid 20th century and the 1950’s in particular. It really was a golden era with illustration styles that capture all that optimism after World War 2, prior to photography taking over in the early 1960’s. In many cases our retro designs need to be multicolour printed, so consistent quick turn around coupled with quality printing is essential.

  1. Any tips for increasing brand awareness within this area of business?

Send out samples to bloggers, editors and celebrities; go to events and take a stand at shows, do Postcard drops, (local papers etc). This will enable you to assess what sells, plus you need time to look around at the opposition too – so don’t go alone. Attending shows gives you valuable feedback on your designs as well. Get some really good help on social media, put together a campaign and build that email list because happy customers will always come back and buy again – however they need prompting so a regular newsletter with new products and discount codes come in handy.

  1. What printing technique to do you recommend for T-shirts?

I wanted to go down the retro route so silk screen was best for me. Many of the shirts will have a tough life so the print must be the best, and you still can’t beat a well printed silk screen printed T-shirt, (in my opinion).

Garment Printing offer lots of other printing techniques print-on-demand, DTG which could be a great way to go. Particularly for the early days of a start-up as it’ll ensure you don’t overstock and they’ll even send out your orders.

  1. Any tips for those looking to start their own t-shirt brand?

Don’t give up your day job, it has to be a passion and you’ll need to work hard, evenings and weekends. Don’t get too many printed, start with short runs or even print on demand, margins are less but the important thing is to find out what sells. Try ebay and other sites, as a good deal of them will click through to your site and possibly leave email details. When doing your business plan put aside a decent amount for advertising and promotion and of course social media. Go to events and do your homework. Produce a business plan, and when ready book a stand at a suitable show with a limited number of designs. Look professional and have one person dedicated to discussing the product armed with an ipad for email data capture.

The TT-Store have extended some Christmas Cheer, they are offering Garment Printing clients a 15% discount on their range of classic gifts.

Visit their store, and enter the promo code GP15 at the checkout.

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Five Unusual Christmas Gifts

Every year it’s the same thing – the silly Christmas socks, the glittery pens and dodgy bath sets that you suspect might have been recycled from a birthday the year before. If you want to make Christmas a bit more exciting this year, why not consider a gift that is a little out of the ordinary?

Unique and unusual Christmas gifts always go down well during the festive period. Crazy colours, personalisation and other little quirks are what turn a regular present into an unusual one. If you’re stuck on what to buy your friends this year, check out these five unusual Christmas gifts and ditch those silly socks forever.

  1. Personalised Crockery

Mugs are a favourite gift for friends and family but why not make it a little more special this year with a personalised Christmas cup?

Personalisation is an easy way to make something usually quite boring into something exciting and is the perfect gift for anyone of any age. Whether it’s a quote or their initials, you can give them a fun and unusual Christmas gift they’ll use for years to come.

  1. Digital Media Cases

For the tech lover in your life you might want to opt for a practical present with an unusual touch in the form of a laptop, tablet or smart phone case. You might be surprised to know that you can get digital media cases embroidered and printed on to, but it’s actually a really unique and personal way to show someone just how much you care.

  1. Animated toys

Looking for something silly, inexpensive and incredibly unusual for your relatives? Then look no further. This quirky animated Santa is all singing, all dancing and makes a great novelty gift for anyone who wants to add a bit of Christmas cheer to their home.

  1. Power Banks

Another unusual Christmas gift with a techie theme is the personalised power bank. Our busy, social lifestyles mean that we’re always using our phones when we’re out and about but unfortunately, this can take a serious toll on battery life. These lightweight, portable chargers are becoming incredibly popular because they easily fit into your bag or your pocket.

So why not give your loved ones an extra special surprise this year and personalise their power?

  1. Personalised Undies

For the man or lady in your life, why not consider a set of customised briefs or boxer shorts? Personalise a set of undies with embroidery or print to create an unusual Christmas gift that says ‘I love you’. Whether you choose to create just one pair or a whole set, you can make Christmas extra fun and extra special this year with personalisation.

To get any of these items personalised, contact us for a quick quote –

How to Pitch Your Fashion Brand

How do you pitch a fashion brand? It’s a difficult question and is an issue that requires a lot of your time, attention and dedication. Successfully creating your fashion line is only half the battle, now you have to market it. It can be tough but if you’re really dedicated to making it work, you can reach your goals and get your fashion brand on the map.

Here a five tips to consider when getting ready to pitch your fashion brand.

1) Do your research

Don’t even think about trying to pitch to a magazine or blog if you haven’t done your research first.This is an obvious one but is certainly something that needs to be at the front of your mind all the time. You might be grateful to get your brand mentioned in any magazine but that doesn’t mean you should pitch like it. You have to do a whole lot of research and try to pin point the target audience, the in-house writing style and the type of topics the magazine or website loves if you want to craft that perfect pitch.

2) Get to the point

TLDR? Too long, didn’t read – an acronym to remember. Editors, writers and anyone in a position to ensure your pitch gets noticed probably doesn’t have the time to look through hundreds of A4 sized pitches. Try to limit yourself to a couple of paragraphs and a few low resolution shots of your clothing or accessories instead.

3) Remember where you are pitching

Another mistake many people make when trying to pitch their fashion brand is placing importance on irrelevant content. If you’re pitching to a magazine, make sure the content is editorial friendly and can easily be lifted and put onto a magazine or blog. If you are pitching face to face, you’ll want to opt for a top down approach, where you offer up the most important information and incentives first, then go into more detail once you’ve hooked them in.

However, make sure you don’t bombard them with hundreds of ways your brand might be beneficial for them. Instead, try to inject a little uniqueness and personality into what you are offering.

4) USP

Continuing on the subject of being unique, you have to ensure that you make your unique selling point (USP) clear in your pitch.

It doesn’t matter who you are pitching to, you need to prove that you’re different. Editors, company owners and bloggers are going to have seen a lot of other fashion pitches in their time and will immediately switch off if it’s something they’ve seen a hundred times before.

5) Give an exclusive

One way to give yourself an edge when pitching your fashion brand, is to offer clients and editors exclusives. Whether this is exclusive, never seen before photos or a complimentary first try of your clothing and accessories, this trick can often work in your favour.

There’s no definitive set of rules on how to pitch your fashion brand successfully but by following these simple tips, you can help prepare yourself for whatever the fashion pitching world throws at you.

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Recycling Old T-shirts

It’s tempting when looking at an old t-shirt to simply throw it out and be done with it. After all, there’s no possible way you’d want to wear that old rag again. And sure, there is a very strong chance you may not want to wear that t-shirt again, but is that still any reason to throw out a perfectly good piece of material? After all, there’s a good chance you may find a way to recycle an old t-shirt instead. Indeed, recycling an old t-shirt may allow you to extend the life of it by a few years or more.

Naturally such prudent reclamation of old garments requires a little thought and creativity. To help jolt your mind and get you thinking of such things, here are a few ideas on recycling old t-shirts to help get you started.

  • Kids’ Hand Me Downs

This is a classic, and as old as wearing clothes itself. If you have or are expecting a young child, or any other young family member, it’s a very simple matter of simply passing on your old t-shirts to them. Simply resize and refit so that it’s not quite as baggy on them, and voila! You’ve not only saved perfectly serviceable clothing, but also a few pounds on new clothes as well. Most kids don’t care that it’s old – they’re simply thrilled to have something new to wear.

  • Dogs’ Toys

Cut your old-shirts into thin strips, and then tie them up tight into a thick braided rope, with two large knots on the end for a good grip. Now you have a perfectly good toy for your dog to get their teeth into. Adding extra strands to the braid makes the rope tougher, which will provide for a longer lifespan.

  • Wall Art

If one of your t-shirts has a particularly appealing image on it that you don’t really want to get rid of, then you can just as easily cut out the picture in question and mount it onto a frame. Feel free to hang your new picture up anyway you think would suit it best.

  • Quilts

If you have a lot of t-shirts to be getting rid of, you may have enough material on you to try this way of recycling old t-shirts. Gather up the most visually distinctive of the pile and start stitching together your own patchwork quilt. This can be especially fun if the t-shirts in question are particularly connected to memorable events, as the quilt itself can be used to express many different memories.

  • Cloth Bags

Sew up the bottom hem of the t-shirt, and you immediately have a bag. These are not only very useful in themselves, but they’re also very environmentally friendly. Unlike plastic, most clothes do eventually degrade after time.

  • Pillow Covers

Another way you can reuse t-shirts with a particularly distinctive or beloved design is to remake them into pillow cases. Such pillow cases are also very soft against the skin, which makes them great for general comfort.

  • Headbands and Wristbands

One last way you can recycle an old t-shirt is to take several of them, cut them into strips and wrap them into a band. Use different colours to produce a more varied pattern, or else similar colours and patterns if you want to maintain a set theme. Then simply sew the ends to form a single strap to tie it together, and you now have a new headband. Do the same on a smaller scale, and you also have new wristbands as well. Why not make a matching set of these and give them to friends as a self-made friendship bracelet?

A Guide to starting your own Urban Streetwear Brand

The urban streetwear scene is a crowded place with a lot of copycat designers out there. If you’re serious about creating a unique brand but aren’t sure where to start, follow our start-up guide for some tips on how to survive in a saturated market.

Don’t rush into it

First things first – do not rush your ideas. Figure out exactly what you want to sell, where you want to sell it and consider how profitable you want your business to be. Garments cost money, printing costs money and shipping costs money, so make sure to do your sums and look around for the best deals before you even consider getting to work on your designs.

There are a lot of different designers out there, so you’ll also want to consider initial ways you can help yourself stand out from the crowd. Creating designs that mean something to you are important but when creating a streetwear brand you need to think with your head, not your heart.

Find a reliable printer

Next, you’ll want to find a reliable printing company that can cater to your needs. Finding a good quality printer before you get too far into the design process will help you work out an approximate initial cost for your ideas. You’ll want to know that the prints are high quality and that both shorter and larger runs can be catered to, so that you can start off small and adjust your requirements as you grow.

Ask yourself – are you looking to embroider your designs, print them or both? You may not have completely decided upon your preferred method just yet, so ensure that the company you choose allows you to experiment with a range of different printing and embroidery techniques. The more choice you have, the more complex you can make your apparel and the wider the range will be that you can offer.

Ask yourself: What do you want to say?

Following on from the head and heart debate, you’ll next want to focus on your message. Try to tap into a market that isn’t there yet but that you think should be and build your brand message from this. There are many niche areas to explore within urban streetwear but if you are aiming for something completely unique you need to head into uncharted territory.

A strong message is incredibility important with streetwear. Whether it’s political, cultural, social or personal you should aim to create something that evokes a reaction. From the name of your brand, to the designs and marketing, you need to show people that you are a fierce and fiery company with bags of attitude.

Not a designer? Draft in some outside help

There is nothing more detrimental to an urban streetwear brand than bad design. Not everyone who wants to start an urban clothing brand has the necessary design skills to craft the apparel artwork – and that’s okay.

However, going it alone and creating a substandard design does not make business sense and will not help your start-up company to flourish. If you don’t have any graphic designer friends to help you out, you can find a freelancer online. Prices vary depending on a freelancers experience but there’s something out there for everyone.

Focus on your marketing

Finally, you’ll want to dedicate a serious amount of time marketing your brand. Designing your streetwear and marketing your company go side by side because you’ll want to drum up some positive responses and a good following for your product launch.

If you’re on a small budget, focus on harnessing the power of social media to promote your brand. Follow influential streetwear designers and apparel lovers on Twitter, research the best Instagram hashtags to use on your photos and if you have the budget for it, pay for sponsored advertising on sites such as Facebook. By interlinking and weaving your brand into different sites, you can create a strong message about who you are and what you stand for.


Most importantly of all, always keep a clear head no matter where you go with your brand and try not to get distracted from your end goal. If you can combine great business sense with a passion for urban streetwear, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful urban brand. We are here for all your printing needs –