10 tips to starting your own fashion business

If you’ve searched for, and found, this article then it’s more than likely because you’re thinking about starting your own clothing line and you’re interested to know the tips about how to make it successful. Starting your own clothing line is a fantastic experience and it’ll be a tremendous learning curve for you and it will help you a lot with personal growth and, if successful, financial growth as well.

Many people believe that if they build it, people will naturally come and guess what? Nothing happens. No sales :(.

So, to help you get off in the right direction, here are 15 questions that you should be asking yourself when you’re trying to get your T-Shirt business off the ground.

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Could 3D printing be the future of printed clothing?

3D printing is one of the latest technological phenomenon’s that are currently causing a storm in the media. One of the reasons for this is that the fashion industry is set to start deploying it as the runway is seen as being the ideal testing ground. This alone is enough to being triggering utopian visions of seeing an outfit on TV, calibrating the settings on your home 3D printer and then hitting the ‘start’ button and printing a near-perfect replica of the garment. OK, this is possibly quite idealistic and, if we’re being honest, a fast and convenient approach that can see this kind of technology imported into everyone’s home is a long, long way off. However, what’s most exciting about this new technology is the potential to cause disruption and democratise the entire fashion industry. Start up clothing companies that produce their own lines of printed clothing could be entirely vertically integrated even if they’re currently confined to a basement – making 3D printing a revolutionary prospect.

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9 Summer Fashion Trends You Should Be Wearing Right Now!

So, as we head into the heights of summer and Britain is in the clutches of the hottest days of the year. Finally, we can embrace all of the biggest fashion trends of 2016.

So what’s actually different? Well, the cold shoulder trend is still huge in the fashion scene, rucksacks are the bag to be seen with, logo T-Shirts are on the rise and a slip dress could be the biggest fashion trend of the year.

I’ve decided to take a look at 9 different catwalk looks that will influence wardrobe choices (and your bank balance) in 2016. Be warned, the list includes everything from dresses to sandals to bags.



It seems that one of the biggest trends for 2016 is going to be wearing your underwear on the outside (although, this seems to be the case most summers). At the Givenchy show the slip dress was shown off both on the catwalk and on the front row.

The slip is designed to be cool, understated and provides the wearer with effortless sex appeal.



The rucksack has always had its own fashion trend but rucksacks have never looked as nice as they do now. The beauty about rucksacks is that if you can’t afford to splash out on a designer bag, you can choose a cheaper brand that offers the same style and durability.

What’s more, thanks to the material that they’re made from, you can get your initials embroidered onto the rucksack to provide yourself with the perfect, customised accessory this year.



The ruffled dress is designed to give the wearer a fairytale-like appearance. They’re designed to be dramatic, beautiful and they have cascading ruffles. If you’re someone who has a fancy for luxury and drama then this look is definitely for you.



Sandals are always popular during the summer months. When they’re paired with the right clothing they can help to achieve the perfect summer look that everyone craves. They’re perfect no matter if you’re on the beach or if you’re soaking up the sun in a park or a bar.

This year, the trend is going to be chunky sandals which offer the same look but with more of a modern twist. Just don’t let your sandals go anywhere near a pair of grey socks otherwise, you’ll lose whatever credibility you once had!



Summer ’16 will see logo’s making a huge comeback. This year, however, logo’s will make a comeback as a show of irony.

Not only that, printed T-Shirts are also part of a huge 90’s revival which will also see French Connection’s relaunch of the FCUK T-Shirts.



Festivals are always going to be a huge part of summer. It’s the time of the year when people swap radios and back gardens for live music and tents.

The festival look this summer is a drop-waist floral dress which wouldn’t look out of place on The Little House on the Prairie.



Yep, a timeless classic that just never seems to go away. It’s time to dig out that denim mini-skirt that you wore back in your teenage years and recreate some of the looks that were popular in the 90’s.

The denim mini-skirt is a great item of clothing as it can be paired with T-Shirts, shirts, vests and any other item of clothing to create a cool, retro look which will have your friends jealous.



Also known as the cold shoulder, this trend is set to remain huge for the summer. Shoulder-baring is designed to be sexy without being too obvious; it’s chic without being attention grabbing.

The off the shoulder look gives you a stylish look which is easy to replicate and hard to fault.



The tiara is the friend to many teenage prom-goers, brides, hens and royals but now it looks set to make its way into the wardrobe of everyone across the globe. Hedi Slimane, the former mastermind behind Saint Laurent, said that the tiara should be worn with “everything” for spring/summer 2016.

The tiara can help you create a unique retro look as well. Think Courtney Love in the 90’s. Messy hair, slip dresses and Doc Marten boots. The only difference this year will be instead of flower head garlands, everyone will be donning their tiaras.

There’s my list of 9 trends which are going to be hot this summer. If there’s another trend I’ve missed, or if you’ve got any comments on the above trends, let me know in the comments below.