Five Unusual Christmas Gifts

Every year it’s the same thing – the silly Christmas socks, the glittery pens and dodgy bath sets that you suspect might have been recycled from a birthday the year before. If you want to make Christmas a bit more exciting this year, why not consider a gift that is a little out of the ordinary?

Unique and unusual Christmas gifts always go down well during the festive period. Crazy colours, personalisation and other little quirks are what turn a regular present into an unusual one. If you’re stuck on what to buy your friends this year, check out these five unusual Christmas gifts and ditch those silly socks forever.

  1. Personalised Crockery

Mugs are a favourite gift for friends and family but why not make it a little more special this year with a personalised Christmas cup?

Personalisation is an easy way to make something usually quite boring into something exciting and is the perfect gift for anyone of any age. Whether it’s a quote or their initials, you can give them a fun and unusual Christmas gift they’ll use for years to come.

  1. Digital Media Cases

For the tech lover in your life you might want to opt for a practical present with an unusual touch in the form of a laptop, tablet or smart phone case. You might be surprised to know that you can get digital media cases embroidered and printed on to, but it’s actually a really unique and personal way to show someone just how much you care.

  1. Animated toys

Looking for something silly, inexpensive and incredibly unusual for your relatives? Then look no further. This quirky animated Santa is all singing, all dancing and makes a great novelty gift for anyone who wants to add a bit of Christmas cheer to their home.

  1. Power Banks

Another unusual Christmas gift with a techie theme is the personalised power bank. Our busy, social lifestyles mean that we’re always using our phones when we’re out and about but unfortunately, this can take a serious toll on battery life. These lightweight, portable chargers are becoming incredibly popular because they easily fit into your bag or your pocket.

So why not give your loved ones an extra special surprise this year and personalise their power?

  1. Personalised Undies

For the man or lady in your life, why not consider a set of customised briefs or boxer shorts? Personalise a set of undies with embroidery or print to create an unusual Christmas gift that says ‘I love you’. Whether you choose to create just one pair or a whole set, you can make Christmas extra fun and extra special this year with personalisation.

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How to Organize an Event For Your Business?

Business events are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your products, gain new clients and generally help to create a positive image and buzz for your brand. No matter what the size of your business, events are a great tool if they are used properly. So, how can you ensure that you have properly prepared for your event?

Audiences & end goals

Before all else, you will need to consider your target market and the end goal that you want to achieve from the event. It’s important not to get too caught up over the silly added extras that you think might look good. Finishing touches are nice and will add personalisation to an event but if it’s all frills and not much else, you might end up losing money, rather than gaining clients and expanding your customer base.

When considering your target audience, you want to keep in mind that the event needs to be mutually beneficial. Ask yourself: What are my guests expecting to gain from this event? What kind of audience will help me to expand my business? How can I turn skeptical guests into new clients?

From the speeches you make to the way you layout the tables, everything you do should be tailored to ensure your visitors have a memorable experience. Careful consideration of your target audience will ensure that you not only enhance the number of potential follow ups, but that your actions make a lasting impact on your clients as well.

Money, money, money

Another important thing to consider when planning an event is a strong, solid budget. Most people will pull together some kind of budget for their event, but it needs to be precise and carefully thought out to minimize the risk of overspending.

Try not to just randomly pick an overall figure for the event. If you consider each element, such as lighting, refreshments and finishing touches separately, you’re much less likely to throw money away on unnecessary things. It’s also advisable to factor a small amount of ‘spare’ money into your budget, just in case there are any unexpected costs that you may not have considered. That way, if a problem arises you can easily cover it with no stress. Alternatively, if nothing goes wrong you’ll have saved yourself some money.

…and relax?

Once your event is over, you can breathe a little sigh of relief – but don’t get too comfortable too soon. The absolute best thing you can do after an event has taken place is assess how it went. Whether this is directly after, or a few months down the line when attendees have made a decision on your products, assessing the outcome is crucial.

Look at what went right, what went wrong and discuss ways that you and your colleagues might be able to adapt and evolve the event next time round. Finally, tie up all those loose ends. Chase up any potential leads and be sure to say thank you to everyone who attended, a friendly business is a memorable one.

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Benefits of custom totes for festivals

Are you going to an event this summer? If the answer is yes then you want to walk around with a rucksack or a big bulky handbag. Why not invest in something lighter to carry such as custom totes for those holidays and trips out.

If you are going to music gigs and festivals this summer custom totes are the ideal choice. Here are some reasons why you should buy custom totes for festivals:

Custom totes for festivals are memorable

When you attend festivals, gigs and other events and items are given away most people think of pens, Frisbee’s, T-shirts and key rings, but custom totes are less common which makes them more unique. People are less likely to own so many tote bags that they won’t appreciate another one. Selecting an item that is memorable can be an excellent way of remembering a festival featuring your favourite bands.

Totes Can Be Used to Hold Water Bottles or Snacks

No one wants to wait in long queues for food and drink when their favourite bands are playing. If you buy custom totes for festivals you can put some light snacks and drinks in so you don’t have to miss your favourite acts.

Environmental Sensibility

Purchasing custom totes for festivals helps in the reduction of the over 300 billion plastic bags used as wraps globally. Research shows that grocery bags are detrimental to soil structure and agricultural activities because of their non-biodegradable nature. Plastic bags also reduce air quality when burnt making customers who invest in a tote bags more environmentally friendly. You can also reuse it for your weekly shop to the supermarket instead of paying for plastic bags and its more steardy for carrying bottles.

Make a decision on custom totes for festivals

You should is decide which size custom tote bag would be great for festivals. While small bags are ideal for an evening outing, medium sized bags should be preferred for carrying to work or college. Larger tote bags should be preferred for travelling purposes. Make sure you choose a bag and logo to suit your convenience. Tote bags are normally made larger than other bags which mean that it lets you carry a lot more stuff.

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