4 top tips for stain removal

Stain removal tips

We all have that one piece of clothing we can’t wear anymore because we’ve spilt or dropped something down it. Whether you have pets, messy kids or are just a bit haphazard yourself, it can be incredibly frustrating when your favourite dress or t-shirt is stained.

The key to treating stains effectively is to get them in the wash quickly but, unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Treating a stain after the event is always going to be more difficult but you can still get pretty good results with these home remedies.

Baking soda & washing up liquid

If you can’t seem to remove those pesky oil stains even after regular washing, this stain removal tip is for you. Place a piece of cardboard underneath the oil stain you are trying to remove and rub in lots, (and we mean lots), of baking soda. You’ll want to rub vigorously for a couple of minutes until the oil has started to come though onto the cardboard. Once you’ve done this, repeat the process again for another minute and then rub some mild washing up liquid into the stain.

Brush off as much excess baking powder as you can and wash in your machine as normal. If you use a low spin cycle, you may need to wash your item a couple of times to get rid of all the powder.

Salt & hot water

This combo is a gentle but effective way to remove lighter stains such as dried blood. Drape your piece of clothing over a deep bowl and rub in plenty of salt with an old toothbrush. Once you’ve done this, pour over freshly boiled water from the kettle and continue to rub salt into the stain until dissolved.

Rubbing alcohol

Not everyone has rubbing alcohol at home but for those of you that do, it can help you to effectively remove ink stains from clothing. This method involves placing a rag underneath said ink stain and pouring over a little alcohol to get the initial ink dispersal going. Once you’ve done this, you’ll then want to use a cotton bud soaked in more rubbing alcohol to gently rub the ink stains until they are almost gone. After that, just pop it in the machine and wash it as normal and your stain should be gone.

White wine & white wine vinegar

This is a great stain removal tip for all you red wine lovers. We all know how much damage red wine can do to our clothes but there is a way to get rid of the stains effectively. Mix white wine vinegar with some actual white wine, (as well as a little water to dilute the smell), and pour over the stain. It’s best to be quite heavy handed with this, as the more you use the better the result will be. For the best finish, pop it into the wash straight after doing this. However, if you don’t have time you can use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to dry your clothing.

Stain Removal Tips


So there you have it! 4 fantastic stain removal tips that could save your clothing. Next time you find yourself with a pesky stain, don’t just assume your clothes are ruined. Try giving these low cost home remedies a go for some surprisingly effective stain removal.

Top 5 Personalised Valentine’s Day Surprises

Looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift is just one of those things so many of us struggle with every year. Trying to find the perfect present that says ‘I love you’ is tricky, especially if you don’t want to go down the traditional route of chocolates and flowers. Whilst flowers are a lovely gift to receive any time of the year, they aren’t particularly personal and they certainly don’t stand the test of time.

Valentine’s Day Surprises

So if you’re looking for more inspiring gifts this Valentine’s, check out these top 5 personalised gifts below for the best Valentine’s Day yet.

1. Teddy T-shirt

Add a personal element to a traditional gift with a customised t-shirt or hoodie for their favourite teddy bear. Have a name, date or even personal quote embroidered onto a tiny garment to show your partner just how much you care. You can also customise t-shirts for a range of other cute and cuddly animals, so that your loved one can have their favourite.

2. Cook’s apron

Does your other half love spending time cooking up a storm in the kitchen? If so, you can make their Valentine’s with a customised cooking apron that’s personal and unique to them.  Choose to embroider or print something meaningful to them, so they can think of you every time they whip up something special.

3. Underwear

There’s nothing more personal that a pair of undies and that’s why these are such a great gift to give this Valentine’s. Choose from a range of colours and styles to find a pair that’s perfect for the one you love. Whether your partner is a fan of full coverage briefs, or prefers a more traditional pair, there’s plenty of space to make it personal.

4. Wrist water bottles

If your other half is a keen fitness freak, then a personalised wrist water bottle is an unusual but highly functional gift to give this year. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all champagne and sparkles, so if you’d prefer to buy your partner a practical gift that keeps on giving, this is definitely a personalised present to consider.

5. Gadget holder

For the gadget lover in your life, a set of personalised holders or cases is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Customise them any way you like to make them extra special for the one you love. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, you’re certain to find a set that compliments your partner’s personality.

At Garment Printing, we can help you to create the perfect gift for that special someone. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can make your Valentine’s Day extra personal this year.

Valentine’s Day Surprises

Marketing your new company in 2016

The world of marketing is always evolving, so it’s important that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) keep up with the trends. The type of marketing you choose can make or break your company and whilst one technique may work well for one type of business, that definitely doesn’t mean it works for all.

If you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to market your new business correctly in 2016, check out these helpful tips to get you started in the competitive world of business.

Keep up to date with SEO changes

Larger search engines, such as Google, are forever changing the way in which their results are displayed. Whilst basic SEO used to get your website to the top of a search engine page no problem, Google has now made it harder for companies to boost their results by punishing websites for repetitive copy and key terms.

To combat this, it’s important to keep up to date with Google’s changes and understand how you can manipulate your website copy to better market your products to a specific audience. Think about diverse and interesting language, but also about niche key terms that will get you fewer but far more reliable hits.

Use social media in the right way

There is such a diverse range of social media sites and apps out there, you need to take advantage of the ones that are best for you. It’s important for new businesses to have a presence on all of the basic social media sites, but it’s also helpful to understand that they are best used in different ways.


  • Perfect for reaching a wide and diverse audience with a single post.
  • Allows you to market products with direct links to your website through sponsored posts/ads.
  • Gives you a great platform to have a rich, in-depth relationship with real customers.


  • Excellent for apparel/fashion lines who want to visually market new products.
  • Helps you to target specific audiences through hashtags.
  • Easy to maintain both in the office and on the go.


  • Allows for a short and snappy marketing campaign.
  • The best social media platform for ‘drumming up’ infectious marketing publicity.
  • Helps you to focus on customer interaction/service.


2016 Marketing Trends

Move to mobile

When it comes to marketing a new business, many SMEs fail to understand the importance of mobile. It’s no secret that more and more of us are moving to mobile use for researching and buying products. Therefore, having a website or marketing campaign that isn’t optimised for both desktop and mobile can be detrimental to your marketing.

Most website templates are optimised for PC, tablet and mobile nowadays, so there really is no excuse not to make sure your website and e-marketing looks great on the go.

So, what’s the bottom line? Take advantage of low cost marketing help online and discover just what it can do for your new business in 2016.

The Importance of Company Clothing

Is company clothing really that important? You might not think so at first but you could actually be missing out on some great opportunities. No matter what sector you work in, company uniforms can have some really positive impacts from increased awareness to better team solidarity.

Here, we look at three reasons why company clothing could be the most important decision you make this year.

You can give your company a fresh new look

Whether you’re considering the importance of company clothing for the first time, or your business already has a staff uniform, you could breathe some new life into the way your employees look. Employee workwear does last a really long time but like all things, it doesn’t look good forever. So, if your old uniforms are looking a little worse for wear, now is the perfect time to reinvent your style.

Reinventing company clothing can also be beneficial if your business has had a name change, designed a new logo or has new contact details. Out of date images and names can make a company look lazy and unprofessional, so if this has happened to your business you should get it sorted right away.

It helps to bring people together

This might not sound very believable but trust us, it’s true. There have been a number of studies that have looked into team spirit and togetherness in the workplace. From these, it can be seen that many employees are more responsive and more willing to join in with activities when they feel that they are a part of something bigger.

Therefore, what better way to bring your entire team together than with some high quality company clothing? Not only will customised workwear ensure they look smart and professional, they’ll feel like a valued member of the team too.

It can be used for special events

Company clothing is not just important for everyday wear, it can be used for special occasions too.

Special occasions call for special clothing, right? So if your company is getting ready for a charity event such as a run or Christmas fair, personalised work clothing can ensure that you company gets itself recognised. Print onto t-shirts, jumpers or even outdoor accessories such as gloves and scarfs to maximise your company’s chance of getting noticed.

With so many different things to personalise it doesn’t matter whether you work in a kitchen, an office or on a building site, you can find the company clothing you need to stand out from the crowd.

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Picking the right T-shirt material

There are a few different types of T-shirt material out there and what type you choose will depend entirely on how you are planning to use the garment. Most people are surprised to learn that there are many different types of material out there and only come to realise the wide variety of choice when they begin the creative process. Whilst some of these are deliberately adapted for a specific purpose, others are made simply for comfort or budget reasons.

What are the main types of t-shirt material available to me?

Cotton is by far the most popular t-shirt material when it comes to garment personalisation. However, did you know that there are a number of different types of cotton to choose from? Some of the most common include pre-shrunk (heavyweight), ringspun cotton and spun cotton but there are other, less standard types out there. Other popular garment materials include hybrids, which involve mixing standard cotton with other synthetic materials such as polyester.

What benefit does each of these materials have?

Most materials have multiple advantages but your budget and needs will steer you towards your perfect choice. Below are some of the advantages of the most popular and common t-shirt materials available for customisation.

Ringspun Cotton

  • Lightweight cotton that keeps you cooler.
  • Offers a more luxurious feel for the wearer.
  • Stronger fibres for a longer lasting garment.
  • Perfect for those looking for a high quality fashion material.

Pre-Shrunk Cotton

  • Ensures minimal shrinkage when washed.
  • Made with a thicker, heavyweight fibre.
  • Cheaper than other types of cotton t-shirt.
  • Great for events, hen/stag dos and those on a budget.


  • Moisture wicking fabric.
  • Highly resistant to shrinkage.
  • Hard wearing and more durable than cotton.
  • Perfect for sports events and training.

Polyester/Cotton blend

  • Offers increased material strength.
  • Shows less stains than a 100% cotton shirt.
  • Often softer and more durable than other materials.
  • A great price compromise between cotton and synthetic fibre t-shirts.

There are also a number of different styles, colours and shapes to choose from within these material categories but the type of t-shirt you choose is entirely down to your own preference. Spending time choosing a material that is right for your needs will ensure that you get the most out of your newly customised garments for years to come.

For more help and advice on t-shirt material types and garment personalisation, get in touch with the specialists at Garment Printing today.

The Benefits of Investing in Staff Uniforms in 2016

The popularity of staff uniforms can’t be denied. In recent years there has been a surge in companies opting for printed and embroidered workwear thanks to its many benefits. From professional caterers to employees in the manual labour sector, staff uniforms can be advantageous for everyone.

Here, we look at three important reasons why you should consider investing in staff uniforms in 2016.

1. It improves overall appearance

One of the most common reasons business owners choose to invest in workwear for their employees is because of how professional it looks. When it comes to your staff members, image really is important and this is especially the case in roles with face to face customer interaction. By giving your team a standardised uniform for work, rather than simple clothing guidelines, you minimise the risk of unkempt and unprofessional looking employees.

Whether it’s a customised polo shirt or personalised chef’s uniform, staff workwear really can make all the difference to your businesses image.

2. It can be a platform for positive exposure

Another benefit of investing in staff uniforms in 2016 is the positive exposure it can bring. If you’re proud of your team and admire how professional and friendly they are, why not let everyone know exactly who they work for? Many customers and clients enjoy telling their friends, family and business associates about the times when they have received excellent customer service from a particular company, so make sure they know who to credit.

This uniform benefit can potentially bring in hundreds of new customers each day depending on where you work and could have a fantastic impact on your business both in the short and long term.

3. It can be tailored to your businesses needs

Staff workwear is more than just a uniform your employees put on every day to go to work; it can be used for your businesses specific needs too. If your employees work outside or in cold areas, customised jumpers, thermal gloves or high visibility vests can all work to keep your staff members looking smart and feeling safe. Alternatively, if your staff members are required to wear particular items or accessories during work, these can be customised too for a completely comprehensive employee uniform.

So, why not give your team safer, more comfortable working conditions in 2016 and invest in some high quality staff uniforms?

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Setting up your business in 2016

It’s a tough market out there and with so many businesses struggling to stay above water, you might be wondering what you can do to make sure your new start-up doesn’t fail. From money worries to your first ideas, you’re going to have a lot to think about. No one can predict the future but by keeping a level head and considering these business tips, you can give yourself a head start in 2016.

Understand that you probably already have the tools you need to get started

If you own a computer and a phone, you already have two of the most important things you will need to start your business. The internet is a powerful tool and is essential for building a company from the ground up. From marketing your products to making contacts, the almighty computer can really help you to make a difference.

Keep that cash in mind

We don’t mean your profits, either. We’re talking about the cold hard cash you already have. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that you need a start-up fund to fund a start-up business, so you should be prepared to do your sums before you splash the cash.

Cash flow problems can leave your business dead in the water before it has even had a chance to reach your audience, so make sure this isn’t going to be an issue both now and in the future. Try to be smart with your money and always seriously consider the legitimacy of an investment before you make it.

Focus on ideas that are right in front of you

Are you sure you have that entrepreneurial spirit in you but don’t know where to look for ideas or inspiration? Some of the best start-ups were created by people who wanted to fill gaps in the market with problems they had experienced themselves.

From IT issues to clothing brands, many successful entrepreneurs have turned their own problems into other people’s solutions with the help of a start-up. Struggle to find gluten free foods? Can’t find clothing because of your height? These are both problems that can be solved by people like you.

Constantly remind yourself of why you are doing this

If you’re starting to wonder if it is all worth it, remember why you began your journey in the first place. No matter how much money you have or how good your idea is, building up your business is never going to be an easy ride but that is not why most people do it. Simply remind yourself how passionate you are about your idea and how many people you can make happy with your start-up and you’ll never want to give up.

Finally, make yourself monthly and yearly goals and constantly work towards them. Having something to look forward to will help you to carry on, even when times get tough.