What do you do when your wardrobe becomes full of event T-Shirts?

Yes, you’ve just signed up for yet another popular race. Of course, you’ll get your runners bag and, of course, you’ll receive the typical sporting event T-Shirt.


The more events you sign up to the more T-Shirts and free goodies you’ll receive – this is fairly standard. One thing that isn’t accounted for though is the lost space in your wardrobe from all of the new clothing that you’ve received. Well, keep on reading and I’ll explain how you can recover the space that these T-Shirts keep on stealing from your wardrobe in the best possible way.

If you’re a runner, either experience or a beginner, you need to take into account that within a couple of years you will open your drawn and the only clothing you will see is running T-Shirts from events gone by. Then, one day you’ll scratch your head and think “why do I need all of these T-Shirts?” after-all, there isn’t enough days in the week for you to go running to make the most of them.

These event T-Shirts are fairly commonplace in the sports industry these days. Every time you register for an event, whether it’s from the event organisers, your workplace, or if you’re getting a T-Shirt to show your support for a particular charity or cause, you’ll get yourself a personalised running shirt. If you’re lucky, your T-Shirt will have a great design, if not, you’ll probably just wear it for the event and then it’ll become the T-Shirt you use to wash your car or redecorate the house – that’s if you ever wear it again, of course!

Give it to a friend:


When people start running and taking part in marathons, it’s not uncommon for members of their family or friendship circle to want to take part as well. After all, running is an excellent way to get in shape, lose weight and start you on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Giving you old running T-Shirts to them could also help by providing them with the additional motivation that they need to begin this healthy journey. Typically, running shirts are made from a unique material which is designed to allow your skin to breath and prevents you from sweating as much and your friend will definitely appreciate this when they start to get irritation from the running and the rubbing of the T-Shirt.

The perfect complement for your furry friend:


Dogs have a beautiful habit of becoming our best friends. We take them everywhere with us. When I’m not at work and I’m out and about, my pooch Gonzo is generally alongside me as well.

If your dog is anything like mine then, when the weather starts to turn for the worst, you start to notice that they get colder quicker and they end up spending more time curling up next to you to try and steal some of your body heat. A simple solution for this is to give your dog one of your old T-Shirts for them to wear and keep warm with. Not only does this work perfectly during the cold nights, but it also means that you can continue to take them out with you wherever you go and ensures that they won’t get cold during the process.

For a good cause:


Around the world, T-Shirts are regarded as one of the most popular items of clothing and it’s easy to see why. They’re made from comfortable materials, can be printed with excellent designs and they’re the perfect item of clothing to wear underneath jumpers or to wear to bed with you when it gets cold.

This means that if you’re thinking of providing something to charity then you could donate your old clothing and help to keep someone warm during the winter. There are excellent charities, such as Shelter, who take the old clothing and then give it to the homeless to ensure that no one goes cold. These kinds of charities do excellent work with homeless people to help them through difficult times so any donation is incredibly welcomed.

Another good option is to use to the T-Shirt to help you raise money to donate to the charity of your choice. How? Let me explain.

Many people use different events and techniques to help them receive donations from people that then gets given to their chosen charity. You could sell the T-Shirts and see how much money you raise or you could use them in a slightly different way. For example, one popular way of raising money is to organise a car wash where people will donate money for you to clean their car. Polyester is also excellent for removing dirt from surfaces such as glass and metal – There you go, you now have the perfect cleaning cloth to help you clean cars for donations!

Be creative:


The design and the material of the T-Shirt mean that they can be altered and turned into other things. For example, removing the arms and the neck of the T-Shirt and tying the bottom together can turn the T-Shirt into a custom tote bag which you can use to carry around your shopping. Another excellent idea is to cut the fronts off the T-Shirts that you no longer want and stitch them together to create the perfect bed sheet or quilt cover.

You don’t have to be an expert at sewing in order to create these customised accessories and there are plenty of helpful guides online that you could follow to create your own versions.

It’s never too late to breathe a new lease of life into your old T-Shirts. There are plenty of different ways that you can put them to good use, either by using them for something other than their original purpose or by using them to help those who are less fortunate than yourself.

What about you? Do you have any and tips or tricks that can be used to put your old clothing to good use? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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