Adobe Celebrates the world’s cheesiest stock photos by sticking them on T-Shirts

We’ve all seen something that’s so bad it’s brilliant. For example, stock photos. You know the ones I’m talking about – the kind that features carefully set-up situations showing things like “smiling woman using computer in office,” or “well-dressed man smiles at phone,” or, maybe “man smiles for no reason eating an apple.”

It’s fair to say that these photos are so corny that they make some of your dad’s jokes look like they were carefully curated by comedy geniuses, especially as some of the images have the ability to provoke grimaces of discomfort among creative people who are looking to use specific photos in their latest projects.

To celebrate the existence of these infamous snaps, and to promote their own brand spanking new stock service, Adobe has recently selected a few of its favourites and decided to print them on clothing and other apparel!

The clothing range has been described by the software giant as being “a limited edition clothing line giving a salute to the most infamous stock images creatives love to hate.”

The Adobe Stock Apparel range of clothing includes some awful images on their designs which include: “Smiling woman drawing a red graph,” “smiling seniors using laptop,” and fans-favourite “Laughing woman eating healthy vegetable salad.”


Oskar Hellqvist, who works for ad agency Abby Priest, collaborated with Adobe to create the campaign and said:

“Classic motifs that have been overused and established as hilarious clichés [are] a representative of the old world of stock imagery.

“Turning them into a limited edition clothing line is our way to salute them and an attempt to create something disruptive and unconventional in the genre”

If you were thinking of getting your hands on one of the brilliant designs, I’m afraid I’ve got some rather bad news for you – unfortunately, the shirts aren’t actually going on sale to the general public. Instead of actually selling the custom t shirts, Adobe has decided that they will be handing them out to selected staff only.

Many people won’t realise the power of printed clothing and the huge potential and impact that it can have on their marketing campaign. If you’re thinking of creating your own marketing campaign and you want to see the benefit of printed clothing – head on over to Garment Printing to find out about the brilliant work that we’ve done with some of the world’s biggest clients.

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