7 Science-back reasons why beards are good for you.

As a man, there’s seldom choices that you have to make that are more grueling that the “should I, shouldn’t I” great beard debate. Whether you’re looking to grow a foot-long beard or if you’re after a face that’s as smooth as a babies backside – chances are if you are clean-shaven, you’ve debated growing a beard and vice-versa.


In November, however, growing facial hair takes on a completely new meaning as men across the globe grow their facial hair in honor of Movember – a non-profit campaign which was set up to raise awareness of men’s cancers.

The goal of the campaign is to:

“Grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.:

Those are the words of the Movember website. People can also help to raise money towards the cause by donating the money that you would usually spend on shaving tools to help the group in their continuous fight against cancer.

Aside from the experimenting and the obvious fun that you can have with sporting a mustache for the entire month, you might not know that growing a beard is actually good for you as well.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the 7 ways that growing a beard makes your life better.

1. Beards can slow the aging process:

Growing a beard helps you to block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays that are heading towards your face. This helps to prevent wrinkles and decreases the risk of you getting skin cancer in the future. This is according to a study which was published in the journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry.

2. Wearing a beard means no ingrown hairs:

All us men have had them. The pesky, painful ingrown hairs that cause us annoyance. Well, those hairs are no match for your beard.When you shave, it’s not uncommon to get redness and skin irritation – especially if you shave against the grain, your skin is too dry or your face is too dirty. Growing a beard avoids this.

3. Beards are seen as more masculine:

If appearing masculine is your thing then maintaining a beard is the perfect way to get ahead. According to a study that was published in Evolution and Human Behaviour – both men and women perceive men with facial hair as more masculine than those that decide to go smooth.


If you’re looking for the ideal beard length – the study also found that having 10 days’ worth of growth is the perfect spot for maximum attractiveness.

4. Beards give you more free time:

The average clean-shaved man will spend roughly 3,350 hours shaving. This was the finding of Dr. Herbert Mescon, then chairman of the Department of Dermatology at Boston University.

This means that if you maintain a beard, you will be freeing up that many hours to do as you please.

5. Beards reduce asthma and allergy symptoms:

Facial hair will trap some dust and pollen particles before they’re able to make it into your respiratory system, Dr. Clifford W. Bassett, medical director of the Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, told Details.

By reducing the amount of pollen and dust that’s going into your respiratory system, you’re reading the risk of you getting illness or infections as well.

6. Beards will keep you warm:

Just like the hair on your head, the beard will protect your face from outdoor elements. This theory was tested by Canadian Pete Hickey who decided to shave half of his face for the winter.


His findings that the bearded side of his face was more insulated and therefore, remained warmer during the colder months.

7. Beards keep your skin moisturised:

Men who maintain the clean look need to moisturize after a shave to prevent their skin from getting dry. Beards, however, are natural facilitators of moisture and they retain natural oils that are produced by the skin.

The beard will also protect your face from forces like the wind and the texture of a towel post-wash. This keeps the oil around the chin and cheeks and makes you face feel super smooth.

So, if you’re looking for a reason to grow a beard and brave the months of growth before you’re able to sculpt it into the beard of your dreams, here are 7 reasons that are just for you.

If you’re looking for a time to start experimenting with your facial hair – there’s no better time to start than Movember as you can also raise money for a good cause at the same time. Plus, straight afterwards you’ve also got Decembeard so you can help those less fortunate while also experimenting with your facial hair.

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