Rio 2016: Can Great Britain Continue it’s great scoring?


Back in the London 2012 Olympics, Team GB won a record of 65 medals, and 120 at the Paralympics. In London, the team won 29 gold medals, 17 gold medals, and 19 bronze medals. The UK Sport director of performance, Simon Timson, claims that GB could earn as many as 79 medals this year. However, he does concede that there is no certain way to ascertain the amount of medals that will be won at the end of the games. Now, you may be wondering where all the medals came from back in 2012, well, let us help you out. Below, we have listed a highlight of some of the events that brought in the most medals.

Athletics: 6 medals total with 4 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze. Former 110m hurdle world champion Colin Jackson claims that the Olympic team for athletics this year looks great and that he’s looking forward to seeing how many medals we win this year.

Cycling: 12 medals total with 8 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze. Chris Boardman, an Olympic gold medallist, claims that GB cycling team has set their personal bar incredibly high for Rio this year.

Equestrian: With 5 total medals in the last summer Olympics and world-class riders for this year, the GB equestrian team is looking like it’s in great condition for this year.

Gymnastics: Winning 4 medals in London 2012, the GB Olympic gymnast team has only improved from here with so much more depth and room for medals this year.

Rowing: The GB rowing team has always performed outstandingly in the Olympics, with them wining a total of 9 medals in the 2012 London Olympics. Sir Steve Redgrave, a five-time Olympic Champion, claims that there could be as many as eight medals for the rowing team this year.

Sailing: After winning 5 medals in the last Olympics for sailing, many of the team members retired, which took a toll on the team. However, Shirley Robertson claims that there is great talent on the team and they are starting to pull through, the biggest issue that she foresees is the water quality.

Swimming: Even though the team only won 3 medals in the last Olympics, many members on the current team are just at the right “peak age” so to speak and Becky Adlington claims that they will be amazing this year.

With the Olympics going on now, you’re running out of time to support your country! Make sure to get all of your Olympic gear to support the British team, one of the biggest ways to show your support is by making a custom t-shirt supporting the British team, or maybe even your favourite athlete!


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