A Weekend in London

Do you like travelling and haven’t been to London yet? Or maybe it’s just been a while since you visited the city. Well, why not just take Friday off and spend a long weekend in London? If that’s something that interests your spontaneous spirit, then check out our suggested itinerary for the city.

Friday: Day 1

Before arriving in the city you’ll need to make sure you have weekend accommodations, we suggest staying in Central London so that you are closer to everything. However, you’ll also need to make sure that you know how to get around. There are so many public transportation options in this city that make getting around so easy! There’s the double decker red buses, the Tube, or even the London Black Cabs, which have cabbies that not only know how to get around town but are mini-tour guides with their great expanse of historical knowledge.

After arriving and making accommodations, you’ll need to know where to sightsee. We suggest taking a trip to the Tower of London first and foremost because it’ll give you a history of the city, plus it’s an awesome place to visit! The Tower was both a castle residence and a prison and is where countless beheadings took place. Plus, it’s where the crown jewels are stored!

After visiting the Tower you may be hungry, so check out a local restaurant nearby and grab a beer, some fish and chips, and some mushy peas. Then, take some time to visit a few of the other museums in London because many of them are free! Some worth mentioning are Tate Modern, the National Gallery, and the British Museum.

After a day of exploring and learning, you’ll probably be exhausted and want to relax a little bit. We suggest going to a local pub for dinner and some live music and calling it an early night so that you can enjoy the most tomorrow.

Saturday: Day 2

Wake up bright and early so that you can swing by some of the major sites. We suggest first going to Buckingham Palace for a tour, depending on when tours are being offered, and then watching the changing of the guard between 11am and noon. Make sure to get there early because it gets incredibly crowded!

After visiting the palace, why not check out the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and even the London Eye. If you’re planning on riding on the Eye though, make sure that you buy your ticket online in advance and make it a set time in your itinerary as it will take a chunk out of the day.


After visiting the big sites, why not explore Harrods and get a little shopping done while you’re at it? This is the most famous and luxurious shopping venue in London, which will amaze you with their glitzy décor and amazing food court.

After spending some time shopping, take a stroll through Kensington Palace gardens and head towards Hyde Park. Take some time to relax and do some people watching here, just enjoying the time and beauty.

Tonight will be the night to go out and spend on the town. One way to enjoy this is by booking a dinner cruise down the Thames, but make sure you book this in advance! Otherwise, check out a restaurant in the SoHo district or check out what’s showing at the theatres. Also make sure to check out Leicester Square for those late-night activities.

Sunday: Day 3

Before leaving town, make sure that you check out some of the little markets that you can choose from all over the city. The cool thing about these markets is that each of them has their own unique character and charm, which also make them the perfect time to buy some last minute souvenirs for your family and friends or maybe even for yourself. If you have more time on Sunday and don’t have to catch a flight back, then why not visit some countryside while you’re at it? Take a trip to Stonehenge or just drive through the country for a relaxing view.

Overall if you don’t have a lot of time off work, don’t let that hold you back.  Go explore – you can make it work! If you’re worried about bringing back souvenirs and not having enough room in your suitcase then instead of letting your friends think you forgot about them, order some custom souvenirs here! We are more than happy to create customized London shirts, printed flip flip-flops, and even printed bags to help remind you of your journey.


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