Custom Stag Party T-Shirts

A stag night, stag party or stag do – however you want to name it, it’s the infamous rite of passage that every groom must endure before taking the plunge from bachelorhood into marital life.

Often the occasion is dubbed “the last night of freedom”, a stag party is designed to be an unforgettable event which is enjoyed by a man who is about to tie the knot in the company of his best friends and comrades.


Such a magnanimous occasion takes careful consideration and, typically, several hours, days, weeks and maybe even months to plan it correctly. It also depends on the calibre of the best man and the wedding party which has been selected by the groom. Any best man or wedding party which is worth their salt will make the stag do their life’s mission to provide the groom with the best night of their life, whether he remembers it is not really their concern as he will be forced to enjoy himself.

Planning and organising a stag party takes a lot of consideration such as choosing the location (whether you stay close to home or go abroad). In today’s modern age, budget airlines such as Ryan Air make it quite affordable to plan a stag as a mini-holiday. popular destinations include Krakow, Dublin, and Riga. These destinations are then closely followed by Prague, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Budapest and Barcelona.

But as many will undoubtedly tell you – where you throw your stag is only half of the fun!

There are of course other considerations that you have to take into account which involve the events and the activities which you’ll be undertaking throughout the duration of your stag event. These will include what to do during the day and throughout the night until everyone passes out through alcohol consumption goes to sleep. Popular activities typically include the likes of knocking back copious amounts of alcohol, gambling, and strippers other forms of adult entertainment. Cough.

Furthermore, any stag party wouldn’t be complete without properly humiliating the groom. The severity of such roastings are up to the wedding party to decide, but one you realise that the sky’s the limit and creativity is the key  – you’ll soon think of the best way to do this. Besides which, how many times do you receive a free pass to embarrass your mate? Thought so.


The groom should be forced to dress in a funny costume and the stag group so all get T-Shirts of the groom in an embarrassing situation printed.

Yep, that means that the last and final ingredient for any successful stag party is printed stag T-Shirts – but I’m sure you already knew that.

The chances of memories from the event being fuzzy, are relatively high. So having T-Shirts knocked up to commemorate the party is a great idea. Call it a souvenir if you will.


Custom printed T-Shirts will give yous tag party a legitimate look and it will provide everyone who attends the event a keepsake for them to remember years to come. Another benefit of printed T-Shirts is that it gives you a warning of the carnage that may definitely will occur. It can also help eliminate any guess work from the missing person’s report…

I will soon be writing a list of my favourite stag party T-Shirts – so make sure that you stay tuned and if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below.


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