The top 5 customisation ideas for Freshers Week!

Freshers Week is creeping up on us once again and students from all corners of the UK are preparing themselves to leave their parents, cooked dinners and having their clothes washed for them and be thrust into the big, bad world of responsibility. This time of year presents various different opportunities to get custom printed clothing and accessories.

Whether you’re looking for printed Freshers T-Shirts, pens, or even condom foils (seriously), if you want to be the fashion guru on campus or if you’re looking to be immortalised in stories which are passed around campus many years after your graduation – take some advice from me and read below my top 5 customisation ideas for this years Freshers Week.



Year after year, there’s an increase in printed T-Shirts that stems from groups of students who want their gang to go out on a night wearing their group’s colours. These groups vary between lads and ladies who are looking to spend their weekly food budget on having the best night(s) of the year – also known as the Legendary Freshers Pub Crawl.

The designs range from the simple to the artistic, with many people opted for names and numbers in football style letting on the back combined with humorous quotes on the front. Don’t worry about using rude phrases or naughty pictures – I’m sure that they’ve all been used before.



If you have a dream of being known as the campus’s Stifmeister then there’s no better way than spending your opening week walking around halls with a pocket stuffed full of custom printed condoms!

OK, so this might not be your ‘thing’, but getting other personalised accessories may just be right up your street.

Personalised accessories such as key chains, lanyards, tote bags, pens, rucksacks or even condom foils are actually not as uncommon as many people think. You might also feel like having your gear personalised might protect your belongings from the campus klepto, or you might think that it’ll help you achieve that legendary status that you’ve always dreamed of.



For many, showing off is a pastime. This is also the case for the arty types who love nothing more than donning their colourful scarf and sipping their cappuccino lovingly in the hope that they’ll be admired by many for their deep-thinking and their unique fashion sense.

Designers, artists and even psychology students from all around the UK will get Freshers T-Shirts printed in the hope that their designs make them the talk of the campus.

Joking aside, over the years, I’ve seen many-a-well-designed T-Shirt. Whether it’s a fairly simple design for yourself, or if you’re looking to earn some extra ££ by created a batch of mixed sizes and selling them during Freshers Week – just image all of that extra money for beer….err, I mean textbooks…..No, I actually did mean beer.



The first few weeks are the best time to join one of the many sports teams or other clubs that are available. If you’re not the sporty type then there’s always the chess club?

Either way, each year printed sports kits are more and more popular showing off the team’s new badge. With recent cutbacks this has become more difficult though as theirs a large possibility that your university can’t afford to provide all of the kits for free (that’s if they can even supply them at all). Fear not my dear students! You can get excellent printed sports kits for a great price with no minimum order quantity as well.



Students forming their own bands is incredibly common. Whether you’re starting out for fun, or if you’re a serious musician with dreams of hitting the big time – there has been many university formed bands who go on to make successful careers within the music industry.

As a student band, it’s not easy to gain and grow a following but one of the best and quickest ways to develop some loyal fans and advertising is to get some printed band merchandise created.

Whether you’re a folk band, heavy metal band, or if you believe that you can be the next Spice Girls – printed T-Shirts are actually one of the best ways to reach a wider audience as the wear of the T-Shirts is actually promoting your band for you.

These are my top 5 ideas for getting custom gear made for Freshers Week if you have any other ideas, let me know in the comments below!

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