Pokémon Go – Are you ready?

It’s 2016, it’s been 20 years since the original Pokémon games were released. Pokémon has been popular since the launch of Red and Green, and has only gotten strong and more popular with each passing year. The huge range of games, merchandise, and TV series still remain popular with both adults and children. Now, as the brand celebrates its 20th anniversary, they are sure to become more popular than ever.

Last year was a relatively disappointing year for Pokémon fans, as it was the first year since 2010 with no major series releases. However, the franchise made promises of what’s to come in 2016, ranging from Pokken Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U, Pokémon Blue, Red, and Yellow in the eShop, to Pikachu coming to Build-a-Bear and also a re-release of the original Pokémon trading cards.


There has been no announcement of the next main series title yet, but I think it’s fair to say that the Pokémon Z will be announced in the upcoming six months, especially since the series has been very successful. Another reason for believing this is the reveal of Shadow of Mewtwo in Pokken Tournament; Mewtwo was a popular Pokémon recently brought back into the games to showcase the Mega Evolution but now has been brought back with a Shadow form with no explanation or backstory so far.

The biggest and most exciting new release from the Pokémon franchise has been Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go was just released in the US about a week or so ago and is already at the top of the iTunes charts, and is set to release within the year for Europe. This $30 million investment is an app created for mobile devices that use Augmented Reality and allows its players to search for Pokémon’s as they go through their days.


Another game The Pokémon Company will be releasing this year is Pokken Tournament. This will be released in the Spring on the Wii U and looks better than ever! The new version of the game has an increase in playable characters, as well as local multiplayer for Wii U, which allows for more battles between friends, and now includes two versions of Pikachu and Mewtwo.

in addition to all this, Nintendo has announced that there will be special items released as a part of the 20th-anniversary celebrations. These items include remastered versions of the original Pokémon movies, a Nendoroid Red, and (the best part) a special edition Charizard / Blastoise 3DS system which will also come with a free copy of the original Pokémon games!


So, if you haven’t updated your Nintendo systems yet, this is the year to do it!

Which one is your favourite Pokémon? In my opinion, Pikachu is the best (obvious reply I know). This is why I’m contemplating creating my own printed T-Shirt to show how much I like that yellow baby wild animal releasing all that electricity.


Let me know in the comments below if you have Pokémon Go and what are your thoughts so far.

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