The 10 most expensive T-Shirts

So, you may have seen an article I wrote about the most expensive T-Shirt in the world. In this article, I spoke about a T-Shirt from Bungie game Destiny which originally appeared as though it would cost and eye-watering $777,772.77 for a T-Shirts.

As it transpired, this wasn’t the most expensive T-Shirt in the world as a massive discount was applied if you completed certain challenges within the game. But, this got me thinking about what the most expensive T-Shirt actually is. I mean, T-Shirts are cool and they can make a statement but surely, there’s a limit which people will pay for a T-Shirt right? apparently, wrong.

Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive T-Shirts that I found being sold on eBay. I should state that with these T-Shirts they are actually collectors items so it’s not just someone looking to make quick money by selling a grubby T-Shirt online.


Michael Jackson Thriller baseball shirt: $1,000

Michael Jackson – a hero to many, the Prince of pop, a tragic loss. All these things come to mind when talking about Michael Jackson (at least for his music abilities).

When it comes to memorabilia, there are many fans who would love to purchase a vintage Michael Jackson baseball shirt but the downside is that not everyone would be able to afford it – especially when the T-Shirt is priced at a whopping $1,000 (£770.24 by today’s exchange rate) on eBay.


Iron Maiden 1980 British tour shirt: $1,050

If you were an Iron Maiden fan and was a festival goer in the 80’s you may remember Iron Maiden’s British tour of 1980. Unfortunately, due to the small fact of not being born until 1985, I wasn’t able to attend.

However, if I wanted to get myself a memento from the tour I could splash our a pricey $1050 (£808.60) to remind me of what I missed out on.


David Bowie 1976 film shirt: $2,000

This year was tragic for the music industry as we’ve lost a number of legends. As a big Bowie fan, the T-Shirt above does have a certain appeal to me, although, I must admit it’s not the best Bowie T-Shirt that I’ve seen.

What’s more, I find the $2,000 (£1,540.85) a bit of a stumbling block as well – looks like I’m going to have to miss out on this particular design.


The Runaways 1977 tour shirt: $2,000

1977, the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, the Ford Fiesta went on sale in the UK and it was cool to have fluorescent kisses dotted all around your favourite ‘The Runways’ T-Shirt.

2016, the year of BREXIT, England losing to Iceland in the Euro’s and the year it’ll cost you $2,000 (£1,540.85) to buy a ‘The Runways’ T-Shirt with pink fluorescent kisses dotted all over it.


New York Dolls album shirt (1973): $2,500

This T-Shirt was originally purchased back in 1973 so it does have the vintage and retro angle on its side. However, does this mean that a price tag of $2,500 (£1926.49) is justifiable? Unlikely.

That’s the price that an eBay user was selling this class New York Dolls T-Shirt for. The unique design of a woman bending over may be more questionable today that it was back then, however, even the most hardened of Dolls fan would struggle to afford this.


Pink Floyd 1971 Relics album shirt: $3,000

What do you get if you cross a yellow T-Shirt with a rather weird design on the front? $3,000 (£2,311.70) apparently. That’s what one eBayer was charging customers who were interested in Pink Floyd’s 1971 Relics album T-Shirt.


The Who 1973 staff shirt: $6,000

In 1973, The Who played a concert in Chicago where they gave their event staff the above T-Shirts which seemed like a nice gesture at the time.

I don’t think anyone expected that these T-Shirts would eventually go on sale for $6,000 (£4,625.23)! A nice bonus for the staff there!


Woodstock 1969 festival shirt: $10,000 (on 'sale' for $7K)

This Woodstock 1969 T-Shirt represents a fantastic bargain, OK, maybe not but a $3,000 discount isn’t to be sniffed at.

The only problem is that this T-Shirt had an original asking price of $10,000! That bargain doesn’t look quite so good now does it?


Led Zeppelin 1979 Knebworth concert shirt: $10,000

For this T-Shirt I have to give a tip of the hat to by dad as he is the reason why I listened to Led Zep when I was younger so for this reason, I’m pretty sure he’d appreciate this T-Shirt which was created back in 1979 when Led Zepplin played in Knebworth.

The only problem is that I don’t have a whole lotta cash to afford the $10,000 price.


The Beatles 1966 Butcher cover t-shirt: $20,000

OK, The Beatles are quite possibly my favourite all-time band. There’s not a song that they’ve done which I don’t like, but even I’d draw the line at paying $20,000 to buy a T-Shirt.

The seller on this item claimed that she got it from someone who claims to have received it from John Lennon himself. To pay that much money for a T-Shirt I hope she got proof of this! Especially as the advertising picture show’s a dirty T-Shirt which looks as though it’s been laid on a driveway – for $20,000 you’d think it would be kept in better condition!

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