Picking the right T-shirt material

There are a few different types of T-shirt material out there and what type you choose will depend entirely on how you are planning to use the garment. Most people are surprised to learn that there are many different types of material out there and only come to realise the wide variety of choice when they begin the creative process. Whilst some of these are deliberately adapted for a specific purpose, others are made simply for comfort or budget reasons.

What are the main types of t-shirt material available to me?

Cotton is by far the most popular t-shirt material when it comes to garment personalisation. However, did you know that there are a number of different types of cotton to choose from? Some of the most common include pre-shrunk (heavyweight), ringspun cotton and spun cotton but there are other, less standard types out there. Other popular garment materials include hybrids, which involve mixing standard cotton with other synthetic materials such as polyester.

What benefit does each of these materials have?

Most materials have multiple advantages but your budget and needs will steer you towards your perfect choice. Below are some of the advantages of the most popular and common t-shirt materials available for customisation.

Ringspun Cotton

  • Lightweight cotton that keeps you cooler.
  • Offers a more luxurious feel for the wearer.
  • Stronger fibres for a longer lasting garment.
  • Perfect for those looking for a high quality fashion material.

Pre-Shrunk Cotton

  • Ensures minimal shrinkage when washed.
  • Made with a thicker, heavyweight fibre.
  • Cheaper than other types of cotton t-shirt.
  • Great for events, hen/stag dos and those on a budget.


  • Moisture wicking fabric.
  • Highly resistant to shrinkage.
  • Hard wearing and more durable than cotton.
  • Perfect for sports events and training.

Polyester/Cotton blend

  • Offers increased material strength.
  • Shows less stains than a 100% cotton shirt.
  • Often softer and more durable than other materials.
  • A great price compromise between cotton and synthetic fibre t-shirts.

There are also a number of different styles, colours and shapes to choose from within these material categories but the type of t-shirt you choose is entirely down to your own preference. Spending time choosing a material that is right for your needs will ensure that you get the most out of your newly customised garments for years to come.

For more help and advice on t-shirt material types and garment personalisation, get in touch with the specialists at Garment Printing today.

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