Four ways to personalise your festive clothing

It’s that time of year again. The trees are going up, the cookies are being baked for Santa and we’re all getting ready to surprise our loved ones with some special presents. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to get your friends and family, especially if you’re trying to find something festive but unique. Luckily, we’re here to help with a range of fantastic festive clothing ideas to impress and amuse the ones closest to you.

Here are three ways you can personalise festive clothing for your friends and family and make it the most customised Christmas ever.


The Classic Name

An oldie but a goodie, a personalised festive T-shirt with someone’s name on it is a great gift to put under the tree this year. Why not get your best friend a silly Santa shirt with their name embroidered or printed on the back? Not only is winter wear totally appropriate for the festive period but it shows someone that you’re thinking of them too.

The Funny Photo

Everyone loves to laugh at Christmas, so why not weave this into your gift ideas and get them a personalised piece of festive clothing they’ll never forget? Whether it’s that cringe-worthy teenage photo or the awkward naked baby pic, there’s no end to the list of funny things you can print on t-shirts. You could even embarrass them with some matching accessories… if you really wanted to.

Words of Wisdom

The Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Whether it’s their favourite speech from a classic film or some words of wisdom you’ve thought up on your own, this is another excellent customisation idea to add to any item of festive clothing. It shows your loved ones that you are thinking about them and makes for a truly unique present under the tree. Either have wise words by themselves or pair it with a photo for something extra special.

Christmas Family

The Family Name

Want a novelty gift that the family can all wear on Christmas day? Then why not consider getting a festive sweater with your family name printed or embroidered onto the back? This is a great gift that can be bought in bulk and will be an amusing surprise for everyone that comes to visit this Christmas. Let them open their shirts in the morning so they can wear them during the Christmas meal or keep them for later when everyone’s feeling a bit merrier.

Garment Printing can carry out all of your festive clothing and garment printing ideas this year.

Simply tell us what you would like and we’ll do our best to make sure you have everything you want in time for Christmas.

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