Four Awesome Gifts for Work Colleagues

Finding the right Christmas present for work colleagues can be a nightmare sometimes. You’ve worked with them for over a year and you’re starting to think you’re pretty good friends. Then, all of a sudden the festive period comes around and you panic – do you really know them at all? What do they like? Do they play sports? Are they into cosmetics? When the Christmas panic sets in, take a step back, breathe a sigh of relief and let customisation come to the rescue.

When in doubt, choosing a personalised gift for your work colleague is the perfect way to say thanks for being there during the day to day stresses of working life. If you’re still in a fright over what to get your work colleagues this year, check out these four awesome personalised gifts for work mates.

Four Awesome Gifts for Work Colleagues

  1. Wine…

Or any other kind of alcohol for that matter! A bottle of booze with a personalised label or carry case is an excellent way to turn something ordinary into a heart-warming gift. It’s easier than you might think to personalise labels and gift bags and you can print almost anything onto the front. Alcohol is a favourite present for work mates at Christmas, so give them something they’ll really appreciate this year.

  1. Winter warmers

Another popular gift at Christmas is the classic scarf and gloves combo and whilst many of us are extremely grateful for these winter warmers, you can do a lot more to make them special. If you want to buy a personalised Christmas gift with a difference, consider getting your friends name or initials embroidered onto a toasty scarf so they can keep warm and look stylish at the same time.

  1. Customised accessories

What better way to show your work colleagues what you think of them than with a personalised bag or mouse mat that they can use at work or at home? Whether it’s a photo of you all from the office party or a group shot from your latest team building exercise, a custom made accessory is the perfect personalised gift for work colleagues this Christmas.

Four Awesome Gifts for Work Colleagues

  1. Something for their gadgets

If you own a tablet or smartphone, then you will probably know the struggle of trying to interact with your touchscreen whilst wearing gloves. It’s a frustrating issue that makes using a phone almost impossible without freezing your fingers off wearing finger-less gloves. So, if you want to make your work colleagues life that little bit easier this year, why not get a pair of specially designed touch screen gloves personalised for them? It’s quick, easy and they’re certain to thank you for it.

It’s really simple to customise almost anything for Christmas. So if you’re looking for that perfect personalised gift for work colleagues, then get in touch with Garment Printing today and see how we can help you to transform your presents.

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