How to Create an Online Store Without Worrying About Inventory or Shipping?

Selling t-shirts and other garments is a great way to make money and many artists and entrepreneurs take advantage of the simplicity of it. However, once you have decided upon your business name and your designs, things can start to get a bit tricky. The thought of creating an online store as a way to sell your product can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to factor in the upfront costs of printing all of your t-shirts but the additional cost of postage and packaging too.

Is there another way?

As a start-up, you will probably have very little money and little idea about how well your products will sell. With a huge commitment ahead of you, you might be asking yourself – is there another way to do this?

Well actually, there is.

Many eCommerce companies have become aware of how wide ranging this issue is and how it may be stopping potential start-ups in their tracks. To combat this, a few smart people in the eCommerce world have created a way to side step all of the hassle of inventories and shipping costs, giving entrepreneurs an almost completely risk free way of making money by selling their designs online.

Ecommerce websites such as ExtraCMS and Garment Printing allow you to easily set up a unique shop and choose separate companies within this, to create and print your garments as needed. They handle the production costs and shipping costs, meaning that all you need to do is set a price for your clothing and shipping that will leave you with a profit margin that’s right for you.

The secret behind these companies is that they ship to order. You set up your shop, display your items, tell the printing company what you’re offering and they take care of it as the orders come in.

Are ecommerce sites expensive to use?

The prices of these sites vary by how much you want to sell and how many features you need. However, the monthly and yearly cost of the site will be far less than printing and storing an inventory at home and the risk is usually far, far less.

It can actually be incredibly inexpensive to run an online shop if you want minimal website features and are planning on selling small. Unique domain names usually come at an extra cost but can be bought to make your site look more professional. Alongside this, many sites also offer unique branded packaging at no additional cost, so your customers will never know that you are using a ‘middle-man’ to print and sell your goods.

Are they easy to use?

Most of the ecommerce sites that provide these services are easy to use by nature, as they are designed for small, start-up businesses looking for an inexpensive way to sell their goods. Most pages have easy to follow tutorial guides on how to use their site and have simplistic dashboard layouts, so that everything you need can be found in one place.

There are quite a few ecommerce websites out there, offering everything from the very basic to the full shebang. Therefore, what site you choose will depend entirely on your unique needs. Always remember to do your research before signing up and handing over your money, and ensure that the website you have chosen offers you everything you need to create a fantastic, risk free, online store.

If you would like to create your own T-shirt Store contact us on 0207 101 9315 or Visit the Garment Printing  Shipping and Clothing Fulfilment Page

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