How to Pitch Your Fashion Brand

How do you pitch a fashion brand? It’s a difficult question and is an issue that requires a lot of your time, attention and dedication. Successfully creating your fashion line is only half the battle, now you have to market it. It can be tough but if you’re really dedicated to making it work, you can reach your goals and get your fashion brand on the map.

Here a five tips to consider when getting ready to pitch your fashion brand.

1) Do your research

Don’t even think about trying to pitch to a magazine or blog if you haven’t done your research first.This is an obvious one but is certainly something that needs to be at the front of your mind all the time. You might be grateful to get your brand mentioned in any magazine but that doesn’t mean you should pitch like it. You have to do a whole lot of research and try to pin point the target audience, the in-house writing style and the type of topics the magazine or website loves if you want to craft that perfect pitch.

2) Get to the point

TLDR? Too long, didn’t read – an acronym to remember. Editors, writers and anyone in a position to ensure your pitch gets noticed probably doesn’t have the time to look through hundreds of A4 sized pitches. Try to limit yourself to a couple of paragraphs and a few low resolution shots of your clothing or accessories instead.

3) Remember where you are pitching

Another mistake many people make when trying to pitch their fashion brand is placing importance on irrelevant content. If you’re pitching to a magazine, make sure the content is editorial friendly and can easily be lifted and put onto a magazine or blog. If you are pitching face to face, you’ll want to opt for a top down approach, where you offer up the most important information and incentives first, then go into more detail once you’ve hooked them in.

However, make sure you don’t bombard them with hundreds of ways your brand might be beneficial for them. Instead, try to inject a little uniqueness and personality into what you are offering.

4) USP

Continuing on the subject of being unique, you have to ensure that you make your unique selling point (USP) clear in your pitch.

It doesn’t matter who you are pitching to, you need to prove that you’re different. Editors, company owners and bloggers are going to have seen a lot of other fashion pitches in their time and will immediately switch off if it’s something they’ve seen a hundred times before.

5) Give an exclusive

One way to give yourself an edge when pitching your fashion brand, is to offer clients and editors exclusives. Whether this is exclusive, never seen before photos or a complimentary first try of your clothing and accessories, this trick can often work in your favour.

There’s no definitive set of rules on how to pitch your fashion brand successfully but by following these simple tips, you can help prepare yourself for whatever the fashion pitching world throws at you.

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