5 Ideas for Stag/Hen Party t-shirts

In charge of a stag do? Need some t-shirts printing? Look no further!

We get a lot of clients asking for stag and hen do t-shirts to be printed. They come in all shapes and sizes, most of them hilarious.

Our clients are sometimes quite shy when showing us the artwork, as more often than not, the designs are rude or embarrassing in some way, but of course, that’s the whole point. We’ve seen it all here at Garment Printing, so don’t worry, nothing shocks us anymore.

In this article we will give our top 5 ideas for your stag or hen do t-shirts as well as ideas for garment choices and printing options. If you’re planning a stag/hen do and require some printed t-shirts, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Classic Slogan – Nicknames on the back

The most frequent request we get by far. Our clients come up with a funny slogan and nicknames for each other, which are usually embarrassing or offensive. These names are normally printed across the shoulders or the centre front of the t-shirts.

  • This a great low cost solution to your stag/hen t-shirts.
  • This would be printed using our vinyl printing technique. This is perfect for short runs and garments that are intended for a short amount of use.
  1. Photographic – An embarrassing photo of the stag/hen

Another very popular choice by our clients. This involves finding the most embarrassing photograph you can find of the stag/hen and printing it on the front of the t-shirt. This could be combined with the classic names on the back!

  • For photographic prints, we can either use DTG or transfer printing. DTG will give a better, softer result and works best onto white garments. Transfer is also a good option but will feel a bit heavier on the garment.
  1. Movie/TV/Music inspired

Many of our clients come up with great ideas based on their favourite movies or TV shows. As long as you don’t directly copy a design, you can create some quirky designs playing with the names of your favourite films and shows. We’ve seen all sorts, from Babewatch to an image of a superhero with the stags face.

  • There are endless possibilities but remember you must own the copyright permissions for the designs you want us to print.
  1. Football inspired – Crest and Names/numbers

This has been done, and done and done again, but that doesn’t mean it’s out-dated. This remains to be a popular choice for our clients, especially for the boys. They could be nicknames or your real names, with a number of your choice below like a football shirt. Some clients also like to add a crest to the left chest area, in the style of a football kit badge.

  • The main advantage of this is you don’t need to provide artwork for the names or numbers. Simply tell us what you’d like printed and we’ll handle the rest. This is great for quick turnaround times and people who don’t have the means to design anything.
  1. Unique designs – Stand out from the crowd

By far, the best stag and hen t-shirts we’ve seen are the ones where someone’s taken the time to really think about the design of their t-shirts. We’ve seen some incredibly well designed logos and artwork that really helps to elevate the event.

You might want to design a colourful piece that includes the name of the place you’re going, as well as the name of the stag/hen. You might want to include a funny photo or quote. The possibilities are endless, but don’t leave it too late!

More often than not, we get a call from a flustered client who’s been tasked with providing 25 t-shirts in 24 hours because it’s been left to the last minute. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard “but we fly out tomorrow morning! Please help!”

This is not a problem for us, we’re used to express orders, but save yourself some stress and get the artwork prepared well ahead of time. After all, hopefully you will only have one stag do, so make it a memorable event and get some truly unique t-shirts to make you stand out.

Garment Choices

If it’s t-shirts you want, the choices are vast. We stock a wide range of t-shirts from well known garment manufacturers such as Gildan, Continental, Bella + Canvas, Anvil, B&C, American Apparel and Fruit of the Loom.

Check out our catalogue to select the garments you’d like to order.

We normally recommend our most popular t-shirt, the Gildan GD01. This is somewhat of a legend within our team and by far the best quality and value for money t-shirt we stock. It comes in over 35 different colours and sizes range from S to XXL. It’s perfect for all kinds of printing and we sell thousands of them each year. Please see below for colour choices.

We also stock the female equivalent, the GD72, which is equally legendary.

Not hot enough?

If your stag party is abroad, the chances are you’ll be wanting a lightweight t-shirt or vest for the party-goers. But, what if your stag/hen do is in Blackpool during the winter? Instead of freezing to death, why not order some sweatshirts or hoodies instead of t-shirts?

As well as t-shirts, we also offer a wide range of other garments. From sweatshirts and hoodies to aprons and jackets. Whatever you need, we can provide a garment for you.

We at Garment Printing are experts in all aspects of garment printing. Whatever you want on your t-shirts, do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer unparalleled guidance and advice to ensure you get the products you want.


You might need t-shirts for an event that’s not a stag or hen party. It might be a friends birthday or a lads night out. Whatever the reason, a printed t-shirt can elevate your event to the next level!

Here at Garment Printing, we have no minimum orders and a completely hassle free service.

Give us a call today or submit a quote request online and you could have the t-shirts in your hand within 24 hours. We aim to get back to you within 15 minutes.

Sales Team – 0207 101 9315

If you’d like to see more about the different print techniques we offer, you can view our informative videos here.

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