How can promotional t-shirts help you to grow your business?

Promotional t-shirts are everywhere you look, from the night clubs in the high street to summer fairs. There is no denying that they are a popular way to market your business, but how can they really help you to expand your customer base?

What are the benefits?
Promotional t-shirts can help to create brand awareness. People who wear your promo shirts are walking adverts for your company and what could be better than that? The exposure you get is unrivalled and people from all corners of your city and even those further afield will become aware of who you are.

So, how do you turn those onlookers into new customers? People aren’t so conditioned that they want to get involved with a new brand as soon as they see it – you’ll need something to capture people imaginations. A striking brand logo, brightly coloured clothing or something a little different like mixing printing techniques with embroidery, are all fantastic ways to help your promotional clothing stand out among the rest.

Billboards, online ads and social media are fine and can work really well but they are also stagnant. Paying money for advertising in a specific place is a good way to cater to a particular demographic but if you want to start expanding your customer base outside of your comfort zone, a promotional t-shirt is the way to do it. Both customers and members of staff can help you to do this by wearing promotional clothing. This can be especially effective if you’re at a business or public event because you can target a specific market and have the added promotional mobility all at the same time.

Alongside this, if you can persuade all of your employees to wear promotional clothing, it can really help to create a sense of family and togetherness. This type of image is what most brands strive for nowadays, as the public are becoming more and more interested in the human side of people’s brands. Promotional t-shirts can help to break down this formal barrier and integrate potential customers with your brand.

How can I get other people to wear my shirts?
If the branding on your t-shirt looks nice, the chances are people will want to wear it. Whether it is a company logo or a specific piece of artwork you have deigned yourself, you have to make it appealing.

Keeping it simple is one great way to do this. Most people aren’t fans of overly noisy or cluttered shirts and keeping it simple will not only ensure your promotional shirt is attractive to a larger number of people, but will also guarantee that people will take better notice of the brand name or logo.

Promotional t-shirts are an investment and they can help you to grow your business and your profits. Just remember to keep it sharp, simple and to the point.

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