Labelling Children’s School Uniforms

With the new autumn term about to start be sure to label your children’s clothing, shoes and equipment as you don’t want to get them mixed up.

If your children are starting school or returning after the holidays, labelling is important because teachers have a lot of kids they are responsible for. So the last thing they will want to do is chase after 20 or 30 children to check they have the correct clothing after a PE session. Reception teachers have to manage PE, swimming lessons, as well as a number of other things in between that require the removal and replacement of clothes, shoes, equipment.

There’s lots of quick and easy ways of labelling and here are a few ideas to get you started:

Iron-on Labels

Iron-on labels are great for mums, dads, grandmas, aunts or guardians who don’t have the time to stitch labels onto uniforms by hand. Your labels come ready printed, and they just simply glue to clothes when heat is applied.

But be warned – iron-on labels will speed up the labelling process but may lose their sticky efficiency after several washes, so you may need to reapply them frequently. Make sure you check how the labels are holding up after each wash. You don’t want to lose your labels as this could end up costing more money if your child loses their clothing.

Sew-in Labels

This is probably the most durable technique and it will give your children’s school uniforms a nice handmade touch, but it can also be time consuming, so make sure that you set some time aside for this. If you’re going to spend the extra time stitching, don’t forget to sew a nametag hook into their clothes so that they can easily recognise their own stuff in amongst a pile as they can easily get mixed up.

Don’t forget to label those other items!

Shoe labels are a must have because many children have the same shoes as there are only a limited amount of shops and black shoes to choose from. So make sure you look at some easy to recognise shoe labels that stick well and don’t fall off after 5 minutes of wearing them. PE bags and lunch boxes all need labelling so you can also have fun with your children shopping for funky labels and stickers for these items.

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