5 Tips to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Great customer service will ultimately create a great small business. There are several ways you can improve your service to ensure that your customers stay happy and loyal, as your business develops and grows. From long-term perks to a friendly ear, check out our 5 tips to provide exceptional customer service throughout your small business.

  1. Listen

One of the most important things you can do when you run a small business is to listen to your customers. By listening to your customers praise, concerns and worries about the way your company is run and the products it provides can help you to create an important bond between you and the person buying your goods.

Whether it’s through social media, telephone or email, interacting with your customers makes a real difference. You only have to look at some of the top brands social media pages to see the type of effect it can have on your company’s image.

  1. Be Trustworthy

A good company is always trustworthy. Ensure that you are transparent with your customers and always be upfront about the services you are offering. Hidden fees and extra costs may seem like a good way to make extra money for your business but it the long term, it will drive customers away. This will lead people to believe that you and your business cannot be trusted to sell good and honest products.

Alongside transparency, building up a solid company brand can help you to appear more professional and in turn, more trustworthy. Be sure to brand subtly but frequently, with branded clothing, stationary and accessories. The little things may not seem important at first but when your customers see your company name on a regular basis, they’ll be more likely to have faith in your brand.

  1. Know your products

You know about your products, right? You know how many you sell each year, whether the materials are child friendly and what kind of allergens they might contain.

Not so sure now?

Simply knowing what your products do, what the prices are and how well they work sometimes isn’t enough. Some customers want to know the ins and outs of your product before they make their first purchase, especially if it a costly item. Make sure you are ready for all eventualities by considering even the most obscure customer questions.

  1. Get Feedback

Feedback, feedback, feedback!

You’ll never know how important it is until you have it. Some customers are willing to give feedback if they are exceptionally happy or unimpressed with a product, but that isn’t always a good way to gauge how your product or business is doing as a whole. There is no harm in asking for individual feedback from every customer and by making it easy for them to leave comments, you’ll be more likely to receive suggestions from a wider audience.

  1. Reward Your Customers

Customer loyalty often goes unrewarded these days So many businesses, large and small, are too focused on promotional offer for first time customers and can often neglect those who have been with them for many years. Even small things such as tote bags, t-shirts and other simple merchandise can be a great way to say thanks to your customers, old and new.

The best thing about company merchandise as a thank you gift? It’s a great way market your brand at the same time too. Happy customers and better exposure, what more could you want for your small business?

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