Business in Spotlight – Protime Fitness

This month our Business in the Spotlight is Protime Fitness, their motto is Don’t waste time, Be Protime. We asked one of their founders, Dan Olaiya, what inspired him to start Protime, how they built the brand over time and tips for setting up a fitness brand.

Protime is built on a set of core principles and values which revolve around the concept of maximal productivity and time efficiency in all aspects of life. More specifically, PROTiME’s goal is to make health and fitness an integral part of daily living, not merely a hobby or something one may partake of in his/her spare time. They believe that for one to become maximally productive and time efficient one must ensure that their body is being conditioned in all the right ways so that they have the mental and physical vitality to reach their own goals and potential.

 What inspired you to start Protime?

I’ve always been interested in fitness and health and undertaking a medical degree only amplified my interest in the area; in fact it grew within me an unquenchable thirst for exploring novel ways to innovate in the area in order to make healthy lifestyles easier to achieve. The two co-founders and myself thought that through creating a successful fitness brand we would have the opportunity to motivate and physically empower thousands of people through fitness. We found that there was a gaping hole in the fitness industry for a brand whose values were honest, deep and meaningful instead of the superficial message mostly being illustrated by well known brands, encouraging people to engage in exercise purely to look good.

 How did you develop the brand over time?                                 

At the start the brand identity was very unclear. We knew we wanted to promote values of integrity and hard work, but we didn’t know how we would communicate this through clothing. So we spent a lot of time brainstorming, literally sitting around a table, on the phone, over Facebook throwing ideas off each other, bouncing to and fro. Most of the ideas, names and plans that initially surfaced were absurd, however what we found was that through the process of free brainstorming we built on top of these extreme ideas and created amazing and realistic ideas. The word PROTiME means to be productive and time efficient, it also connotes the timely need for a protein shake after a workout.  We never really sat down consciously to develop our brand, the development came through a natural process of constantly asking ourselves questions,  What is this about? Why would I buy something from this brand? What does PROTiME make me think of?

What’s the importance of creating a strong brand in Fitness Industry?

Creating a strong brand in the fitness industry is paramount. The brand is what your customers think about when they shut their eyes and say your company name. It’s how they feel and what they become when they put on an item of clothing from your company. With the current landscape of the fitness industry it is not enough for clothes just to look good for people to buy them, they need to be associated with something. I think part of the reason for this is because of the nature of fitness, think about it- you’re working hard, sweating and striving to improve the vitality of your body. Therefore everything else needs to be in order to facilitate this e.g. – your state of mind, your emotions and what you’re wearing. When I put on my Nike trainers I remember what I saw on the advert- Kobe Bryant scoring from the three line in the last second of the title match- the only reason that is in my mind is because Nike put it there. Furthermore, at PROTiME we are striving to put similar messages into prospective buyers minds so they want to buy our clothes.

Tips for increasing brand awareness in the fitness industry

You need to be clear yourself on what your brand is about- constantly ask yourself those questions I mentioned earlier. Once you start to do this you will be clear on what your brand means, but make sure to write down with words and images what your brand means, memorise it. Next set a plan of how you will communicate this to your market. Then bombard your audience with this all the time, in different ways. Make your marketing remarkable, so much so that people are prompted to make remarks about it.

If you do this your brand should be clear and make sense. People should understand what it’s about and if you’ve got it right they should buy… as long as you have a good product (but that’s another story).

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