Choosing a Printing Technique that Suits You

If you are a business, sports team or club looking for new uniforms it’s important to decide which printing techniques will look better for longer.

When choosing your uniforms one of the most important factors is to know the quantity of garments and the number of colours in your design because this will dictate the best method of producing your garments.

Here are some printing techniques you can choose from when purchasing clothing from Garment Printing:

Screen Printing

Garment Printing uses Screen Printing when printing onto light and dark coloured t shirts, clothing and textile materials. When printing onto dark coloured garments they always use an extra white layer, so make an extra screen, to enhance the quality of the finished print. Standard screens printed up to 35cm x 40cm (slightly bigger than A3). Jumbo screens can print up to A2 sized prints. If you need something bespoke, all you have to do is speak to one of the team.

Prices can start from as low as 15p per print for orders in excess of 10000 prints, but this depends on the quantities and sizes of the printed designs.

Digital Printing (DTG – ‘Direct To Garment’)

Unlike screen printing which has more expensive setup fees, Direct to Garment Printing is perfect for producing low volumes of personalised full-colour prints onto a wide range of clothing.

Garment Printing’s Direct to Garment Printing services can produce printed t-shirts within just a few hours of receiving your order, so you don’t have to wait weeks for them to arrive. Direct to Garment T-shirt Printing is perfect for fashion clothing, promotional clothing, stag nights, hen nights and sports teams. Prices start from as little as £2.99 per printed t-shirt.

Cad Cut Vinyl Cut Printing

Cad Cut Vinyl Printing is very similar to Transfer Printing, except it is only suitable for designs of 1 or 2 colours. The process involves cutting out your designs, logos, shapes, names or numbers from special vinyl material using specialist-cutting machines.

Cad Cut printing provides the ideal solution for those who want to produce individual names and numbers on their clothing. The process cuts out letters or numbers and then they are heat applied to the garment; simple logos can be produced. It enables 1 or 2 colour designs and logos to be printed very quickly and is a great option for names and numbers on promotional clothing and printed sports clothing.

Dye sublimation all over printing

Dye Sublimation allows for full colour, all-over apparel prints. Your chosen artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto your apparel using heat and pressure. Heat converts the solid dye particles into a gas which is known as sublimation and bonds them to the polyester fibres.

Transfer Printing

The image is printed using a colour copier onto special paper and then heat applied to the garment. This option is Ideal for one off photographs and is also a great option for promotional clothing.

Whatever Printing techniques suit you, Garment Printing offers options to suit all tastes and requirements call 0844 588 9808 to order your new summer wear.

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