Charity Sponsorship with Garment Printing

Would you like to raise even more money for your charity or cause through fundraising events? Garment printing offer charity sponsorship partnering with a number of charities across the country and could work with you to help promote and raise extra money through garment printing and online buzz. There are several advantages to a partnership, all of which will not only create funding but organisation awareness too.

What we offer

With printed and embroidered clothing, you can help to promote your cause across the country and no matter where you are, your organisations branding and message will be out there for everyone to see. Garment charity sponsorship works by offering discounted garment printing for your charity, as well as online social media awareness for your events.  There are several ways that you can fundraise and with our help, you’ll know that your audience size will be as large as it possibly can be.

charity fundraising ideas

Another great incentive on offer is the chance to gain extra donations directly from us when you hit your charitable targets. For every realistic target that is met, Garment Printing will offer a donation to celebrate, giving you another great reason to consider a charity sponsorship partnering.

Stuck for fundraising ideas?

There are so many different options out there, including the opportunity to use your promotional garments as winning raffle prizes. If you’re looking for a way to combine extra advertising potential with good will gestures, try creating raffle hampers with chocolates, wine and branded tote bags or t-shirts – you never know where your charity might be discovered next.

fundraising ideas

Some other great fundraising ideas include lucky dips, guess the number games with sweets or branded apparel as a prize and ‘free’ tote bags, when members of the public offer to give a small donation to your cause. All of these fundraising ideas and many more are a great way to hit donation targets and give away important promotional materials at the same time.

Garment Printing has been working alongside charities for years and during this time we’ve helped organisations raise greater awareness, as well as substantial amounts of money with our garment partnerships. With no minimum order size, free graphic design assistance and a best price guarantee, you can be sure that your charity is taking a smart, cost effective route with its garment printing needs. No matter how large or small your charity or reputable cause may be, a charity sponsorship can offer you some fantastic fundraising perks.

Success Stories: Edword Jones –  2015 MK #STRENGTH Leukaemia Concert. Edward was raising £2800 for the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research .  He printed tshirts for raising funds for Leukaemia We give special discounts and whenever he hits his targets we donate something £50 each time.

If you think Edward was Marvelous. Help us Nominate him for his work. Charity Shirt

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