How to be a Good Bridesmaid?

Wedding season is here and with the sun starting to shine and the weather warming up many of us will be looking forward to getting married or attending weddings this summer.

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Here are some tips on how to be a good bridesmaid and have fun organising a hen party and outfits.

Help With Wedding Planning

Many bridesmaids assume they know what others want when it comes to organising wedding plans such as seating at the reception and throwing a hen party but sometimes we don’t always get it right. To make sure you don’t add to the stress, speak to your hen and ask how you can help her as you don’t want to wait until the last minute. Asking how you can help is an easy way to start off on the right note.

Most brides love surprises and are happy for their bridesmaids to get on with the planning however sometimes they know nothing about the hen do and some want to know exactly what they are doing. The bride may want to do the organising with bridesmaid help, but the bridesmaid can add a little surprise in the plans. When it comes to invites always make sure it is the bride that dictates the guest list for the hen do.

Design your own personalised clothing

Whether you are going out in the evening, or have planned a weekend of day full of exciting activities, wearing personalised clothing can add a fun and unique touch. Many printing companies like Garment Printing offers a service that allows you to choose your own designs, including colour, pictures and text. Often bridal parties will have their ‘roles’ printed onto the back of the t-shirts, for example ‘Bridesmaid’ or if you have nicknames you can spice things up by having these printed on your choice of clothing. Before you order check with the bride you don’t want to order clothing that the bride and her guests are unlikely to wear.

Help support your bride and help to keep her calm

Weddings can be stressful so make sure that you help keep your bride calm by offering support like setting up chairs or mailing out invitations. Focus on what she feels and wants, as opposed to what you think she should feel or want.

Remember, there are many things that stress out the bride, from travel logistics for guests to pleasing that overbearing mother-in-law. She’s got a lot on her mind with gown alterations done and tracking down the photographer or worrying about the weather conditions.

Get ready together

Getting ready together can help you and your bride keep calm and have some fun with those pre wedding sips of champagne and precious photos that preserve the final moments before the bride walks down the aisle to a new life with her partner.

Bride to Be

You may do her makeup for her and for yourself or you may be in professional hands. Either way, you’re in charge of having her looking her best on the big day. Make sure you are encouraging, reassuring and patient when it comes to dealing with your bride’s last minute jitters.

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